i-Blason Armorbox – [Yellow Jacket] Series Dual Layer Armored Rugged Protective Case with Built-in Screen Protector for Apple iPod Touch 5th/6th Generation

Warning: This Case is Custom Fit for Apple iPod Touch 5th/6th Generation/ Will Not fit other iPod Touch Product or Any Other Smart Phone Products

i-Blason ArmorBox [Yellow Jacket] slim profile dual layer armored protective case really got attitude. This case adopts advanced uni-body dual-layer design including a flexible TPU inner core and a contemporary Polycarbonate hard shell. i-Blason ArmorBox case also comes with a front cover with built-in screen protector which will prevent your screen from scratch, dust or being shattered. It is ultra light weight yet still extremely protective owing to its impact resistant bumper design. Dotted pattern inner TPU layer is included to provides excellent shock absorption.To sum it up, i-Blason ArmorBox case got the look! It stings like a yellow jacket and protects your phone like no other cases.

Improved Features
–Dual Layer Protection

–Unique appearance with contemporary design

–Signature front cover and built-in screen protector

–Hard shell + TPU inner core

–Impact resistant bumper design

–Easy access to all buttons, ports, camera, sensors, speakers and features

Warranty: i-Blason offers 1 year limited warranty on all i-Blason cell phone/tablet accessories. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by the excellent service i-Blason LLC is committed to provide

3 thoughts on “iPod Touch 6th Generation Case, [Heave Duty] i-Blason Apple iTouch 5/6 Case Armorbox [Dual Layer] Hybrid Fullbody Case w Front Cover and Builtin Screen Protector / Impact Resistant Bumper (Black)

  1. Robert Swenson says:

    Decent protection for the price! I like to protect my devices really well, given that they’re subject to little kids. There wasn’t an otterbox available for the iPod 6, so I needed to range out a little.So far, this seems to protect the iPods I got for myself and my children decently well. First of all, it looks cool! It comes in a few color options – I obtained two blacks and a blue for red, space gray and blue iPods, respectively. One really nice feature is the inclusion of a built-in screen protector. It’s not gorilla glass, but it’s good enough for most situations. The front bevel is fairly deep. This presented a small problem for trying to tap on things toward the edge of the screen, but we adjusted quickly. This bevel provides good protection against anything which isn’t pointy, and point-ed directly at the screen.It’s not waterproof, but it’ll keep any reasonable amount of rain out. The cutout for the camera hasn’t seemed to have interfered with normal operation. And the buttons are…

  2. Frank says:

    The best case I have ever owned. I bought this for my iPod Touch 6th Generation and I was surprised by how amazing of a case this is.1. It fits like a glove; it is not too tight and not too bulky. The color parts are a harder material and the black outlining is a hard rubber-like material. It feels very solid.2. Every opening and port lines up perfectly. The headphone jack and lightning connector are covered by flaps and I found them easy to open and access.3. The volume button and on/off button that is integrated in the case work really well and you don’t have to press the buttons hard for the ipod to respond.4. By far the best screen protector I have ever used. I’ve always been wary of screen protectors because, for me, they really mess with the responsiveness of the touch-screen. The built-in screen protector that comes with the front plate of the case is really high quality; the clarity is amazing, doesn’t scratch easy at all, easy to clean/wipe, don’t have to worry about air pockets or…

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