3in1 Anti Slip iPod Touch 6 Case made to be easily used and offering sturdy protection. iPods are slippery and easy to be dropped from your hand; Designed as a 3in1 HYBRID case, the soft inner silicone skin offers shock absorbing guard for small drops, and the outer hard PC shell give protection from scratches and dirt.Designed as 3-part easy clip design, you simply place your phone in the inner silicone inner layer, place the front and back hard pieces over the phone,snap them together, offering your phone protection without fuss.Designed to be protective, slim and sleek, this slim case provides a decent amount of protection without turning your iPhone into a big, bulky brick;Package included:1 x Case for iPod touch 5 6th

3 thoughts on “ULAK 3 in 1 Shield Series Hybrid Case for Apple iPod Touch 6 & 5 – Reverie/Blue

  1. Cheryl B says:

    … using this case for several months and it looks great. Pattern has not worn in any spots at … I have been using this case for several months and it looks great. Pattern has not worn in any spots at all.Updated 5/10/16: Changed my rating from a 5 star to a 4 star. Something is going on with the silicone part of this case. A couple months ago, I noticed that my iPod and case were wet which I thought was odd because I do not take my iPod near water or have it in the bathroom while I am showering. Also it was winter so my house is dry. I took the case apart and noticed that there was moisture between the outer layer of the case and the silicone and between the silicone and my iPod. I dried off my iPod and washed my case with soap and water and allowed to dry for a couple days before putting case back on. Just yesterday, I noticed once again that my iPod and case were wet. Again, my iPod has not been around water. This time I did not wash the case. I dried my iPod and left the case off. After being off my iPod for more than 24 hours, I looked at the case and noticed…

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