3in1 Anti Slip iPod Touch 6 Case made to be easily used and offering sturdy protection. iPods are slippery and easy to be dropped from your hand; Designed as a 3in1 HYBRID case, the soft inner silicone skin offers shock absorbing guard for small drops, and the outer hard PC shell give protection from scratches and dirt.Designed as 3-part easy clip design, you simply place your phone in the inner silicone inner layer, place the front and back hard pieces over the phone,snap them together, offering your phone protection without fuss.Designed to be protective, slim and sleek, this slim case provides a decent amount of protection without turning your iPhone into a big, bulky brick;Package included:1 x Case for iPod touch 5 6th

3 thoughts on “Ulak 3310130 Hybrid Silicon Hard Case Cover for iPod Touch 5 6th Generation – Black/Blue

  1. Brian says:

    A good protective case for your budget. Right off the back I noticed that the case adds no more than a 1/2 an centimeter all around which is a good cushion whenever dropped from 3-4 feet. Surprisingly dropping it any higher did protect my iTouch and did not break or crack (however I would not advise to try).PROS: Light weight, slim and durable, USB Cable and HeadPhone jacks are easily accessible*, Inclusion of a SEPARATE screen protector that fit just right on my iTouch with little to no glare or air bubbles. The case is not like other where the screen is already attached to the case. Easy to put together and disassemble, variety of style choices. The back and front camera are well exposed. Also the back Apple logo is visible (which is nice to see).CONS: Not water proof, sometimes hard to slide out of tight pockets but nothing terrible, the headset jack space is not big enough to work with other jacks bigger other than Apple’s headsets which would result in you having to remove the entire case if you…

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