Wireless Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone 6, Pairs up with iPhone 6 directly, Aims to solve the problems of touch screen typing.


* Simply slide the keypad backward when talking the phone

* Fits your iPhone perfectly with all easy access

* Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery for hours of typing

* Color LED for working status indication

* With on/ off switch

* Power: Charges by USB

* Color: White , Black

* Compatible with:Apple iPhone 6

* Note:Accessory ONLY, iPhone 6 not included!

Package contents:

* 1 x Bluetooth Wireless Keypad for iPhone 6

* 1 x USB Cable

3 thoughts on “HIGHOT Ultra-Thin Slide-Out Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Back Case with Backlight for 4.7inch Iphone 6 (White)

  1. Alex says:

    10/10- and here’s why. Considering all the bad reviews (actually even without considering them) I give the keyboard a 10/10. Autocorrect is very wierd with it, especially if you switch keyboards mid-typing, but otherwise I love it, so here it goes!The good: (things I was worried about due to reviews of this and other keyboards of similar design, I mean face it they’re probably all from the same manufacturers, all except the boxwave about look like this)It doesn’t have a noticeable drain on the battery. The battery on the 6s (sorry can’t vouch for the 6) just sucks. I always have it on low power mode, but either way keeping Bluetooth on doesn’t drain it. Much. (I can’t tell, really, but I’m sure it’s there.)It turns on. It PAIRS. Sorry, if it doesn’t, well, it’s probably user error. When you get the keyboard, you have to plug it in for a while, then turn it on (the switch) after unplugging and press in the little wireless button until the BT light starts blinking. Wait…

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