Infographic: Shrinking Smartphones Offer More Bang for the Buck
A 16GB iPhone 4S will set you back $ 200, pretty steep relative to some of the other smartphones out there—but even that price (plus a carrier contract and data plan, more on this later) is peanuts when compared with the $ 3995 a rare few consumers were …
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iPhone 4S gets creamed by huge truck, keeps ticking
In the video embedded below, a brave iPhone 4S is popped into an Optrix HD Sport Mount case and tossed from a second-story window onto a concrete driveway so charmingly suburban it makes me ill with flashbacks to a youth wasted in 7-Elevens and Taco …
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Motorola Razr vs iPhone 4S: comparison
It is difficult to compare Motorola Droid Razr and Apple iPhone 4S. Both are great smart phones and blazing fast Both are great phones and have features that make them stand out in the crowd of new and newer smart phones hitting the market every other …
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