Full iPhone 4S review: bit.ly Apple claims that the iPhone 4S is 2x faster with CPU tasks and 7x faster with graphics tasks when compared to the original iPhone 4. Is this true? In this video we test that claim by doing four tests: start up speed, opening apps, browsing the web, and gaming.
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Apple’s decision to embrace artificial intelligence with its new voice-controlled Siri personal assistant was undeniably a good shout. We could go on and on about how Siri-ously awesome Apple’s new iPhone 4S feature is, but it’s really something you’ve got to see for yourself. Don’t forget to visit www.stuff.tv for your daily gadget fix
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 4

  1. RoflFacepalm says:

    lol you have bad net in high traffic time i get 50megabits download and 30upload and and in low traffic i can break the speed test 100+megabits download and it crashes

  2. FlatlandSkimboards says:

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  3. ImAKillZoneFan says:

    Sorry the iPhone 4s is actually underclocked to 800MHz…there are android phones that are clocked at a full 1ghz apple wont do that because of “heat” and iPhones exploding on planes…oh and battery life

  4. ImAKillZoneFan says:

    Sorry but im very dissapointed with the 4s I mean seriously 4 seconds faster….that’s shit you would expect some major differences for 560£…rip off oh and I have Siri on the 4g so that only means your paying for an under-clocked A5 dual core processor clocked at 900MHz. the iPhone 4’s single core A4 processor runs at 800MHz

    No application as of yet can put the full potential of the iPhone 4s power

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  6. norbert13ful says:

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  7. JamesWPeetll says:

    @EliteTechMonkey The program and its access, however are quite inferior…I have worked with both. That and the fact that Apple’s computers work on a far superior system causes me to feel that they beat them hands down there too.

  8. nmygsm says:

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  9. vaibhavpahwa1 says:

    Gotta Love the new iPhone 4s.

    @BigLion25 well that is personal preference, i love the layout on the iphone 4 and i love the iphone in thw whole. i do not like the way android’s layout is nor do i like the android. As far as I got my iPhone 4s for free, I can’t complain:) Just Google for: iPhone4sGiveaway.info

    Loving the new product celebration promotions 😉

  10. drome55 says:

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