For the Rose Gold iPhone 7 Plus screen protector is full cover, any bulk phone cases will not compatible with iPhone 7 Plus tempered glass screen protector.

Product Features:

Maximum Protection

The iPhone 7 Plus screen protector glass covers the entire screen, featuring maximum protection from high impact drops, scratches, scrapes, bumps and the iPhone 7 Plus tempered glass cover is Exposion-proof effectively.

Ultra-clear Screen and High Response

With 99 % High-definition clear hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating, the iPhone 7 Plus glass screen protector is fingerprint proof; Precise cut-outs and design, smooth Surface, supporting 3D touch features, preserving original viewing quality and high touch sensitivity.

Easy Alignment and Installation

Creactive flip-over alignment method with a positioning sticker allows quicker and more accurate postioning; the iPhone 7 Plus screen cover could self exclude air bubbles just by a gentle press on the center of the galss cover

Lifetime Warranty

F-color provides Lifetime no-hassle warranty for your iPhone 7 Plus glass protector and friendly customer service to solve the issue timely.

Compatible with

iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inch

Package Included

1 x Screen Protector For iPhone 7 Plus

1 x Accessories Kit

1 x Manual User

2 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector, F-color iPhone 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector with Rose Gold Alloy Metal Frame, Full iPhone 7 Plus Screen Cover HD Clear 3D Round Edge, Life Time Warranty, Rose Gold

  1. KatieSam says:

    The *WAS* epitome of screen protectors. Instead it will possess your phone. UPDATE:This screen protector was flawless and wonderful. Until later the evening after my installation my phone started acting possessed. It was calling people. Opening apps of it’s own volition. Typing things I was not typing. The next day I called Apple support to get assistance. Two hours on the phone, three software restores later (both from a back up and as a new phone) it was determined my hardware was bad. Cut a day later to being stuck at the Apple store on a Friday night with an appointment to return my phone and get a replacement. Due to the Apple Upgrade program, what should have been a simple visit turned into a two hour long nightmare. I got the new phone, switched over the screen protector, and BAM, the new phone was acting like the first and making random screen selections.I’ve NEVER come across this with a screen protector. I will be looking into return options in the morning. Until then, I’m too exhausted and annoyed I spent 4 hours of my time on…

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