The Stealth Universal Cradle from Spigen is a stylish and comfortable car mount for your smartphone. It features a reusable gel pad that securely adheres to your car dashboard, flat or curved, and provides 2 horizontal mounting positions for an efficient viewing angle. Inserting and removing your phone only requires one hand for easy usability while driving responsibly.

3 thoughts on “Spigen Stealth Car Mount Universal Phone Holder for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus / 6S / 6S Plus / Galaxy S7 / Galaxy S7 Edge / LG / HTC / Nexus

  1. TV says:

    OK product, narrow window of usefullness, beware its limitations. There’s nothing particularly bad about this product, it just seems to be very limited in scope where it would really fit well.First off, the outside is a decent soft black finish, which blends fairly well with a typical dark dashboard. However, the inside blue color is really quite visible and distracting, especially when the phone is not placed inside the mount.Second, you have to be very sure you position this thing correctly because the base is VERY sticky and it’s not something you’ll be wanting to apply and remove on a regular basis.And finally, though it is certainly clear from the product pictures, this isn’t really an adjustable mount. You can elect to place the phone into one of two detents, but that’s about it.. there’s no adjusting along any other axes, tweaking the angle just right, etc..This, in my car, resulted in an awkward sideways-slanted view which was really not ideal.I’ve since removed this and am trying…

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