Apple’s thinnest notebooks get a performance update: Finally available is in the Macbook Air USB series in current version 3.0. TO is so Thunderbolt course, a couple few more connections and die Latest Intel processor generation. Apple has been in the newest Macbook Air series and Welche performance YOU Can Expect shows our test video. Price: from 1.050 €

25 thoughts on “Macbook Air 11 “& 13” – Test | CHIP

  1. BlenderDesigns says:

    People still die die not understand it, know that it is at Apple for non-performance is to design special! The parts work as opposed to the other computers simply very high quality and expensive – What Turns out Apple!

  2. iTuBerlin says:

    Scrap? Whoever it is called the MBA IS only jealous because he can not afford it ausverschämt can.Die pricing by Apple IS, that’s right. But THEREFOR is therefore the depreciation available moderately in comparison to Acer or Asus … matter. The DEM-scrap Found my MBA 11 “i7 does not well … cheek! 😉

  3. motim92 says:

    To place one 128 Gb SSD a 256 GB SSD to get built-in, you pay instead of one price difference of about 100 Euro 300 Euro.256 GB HDD -> 512 GB SSD, Apple demanded 500 euros instead of 250 EuroIf A man also wants to buy macbook air with 512 GB SSD, you pay 450 euros too much. Apple Hat No extra effort instead one 128Gb SSD einzubauen.4 a 256 GB or 512 GB SSD GB Ram -> 8Gb Ram, Apple demanded 100 euros instead of 20-25 Euro.Einfach ridiculous

  4. JonWasGeht says:

    BECAUSE what you mean “keep The Ultrabooks?” Since there are star compete, Macbook Air War The first device in seiner class and as soon as it IS Windows Kunkurrenten AS “overpriced garbage” devalued. And das. Intel is equipped yourself with cave Ultrabooks probably ALSO A impudence. Very informative video, IM, but something one should keep oneself times mind.

  5. FlexWin says:

    Do I have now already been used more than 5 years Éinen Mac for school and everyday university life and am very satisfied. Purchase ground war time die long battery life and the low weight. All tasks lost das. MacBook 13” without problems and with Office for Mac is also available the Austausch possible with colleagues.

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