Buy from Amazon: MacBook Air 11″ Review (2011) In this video I review the 2011 MacBook Air 11″. This model has the dual core 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-2567M, 4GB of RAM and a 128GB solid state drive. I go over battery life, gaming performance, video editing, web browsing, screen, trackpad, backlit keyboard, OS X Lion, SSD, performance, Core i5 CPU / processor speed, ports and Thunderbolt.duncan33303 is a technology based YouTube channel that focuses on a wide variety of smartphones, tablets, game consoles as well as the weekly show D3Live. Subscribe! Merch Store! Follow on Twitter! Check me out on Facebook! Channel Link My website! Tags macbook air macbook air 11 macbook air 2011 macbook air 11 2011 macbook air 11 2011 review battery battery life cpu processor speed performance gaming screen display thunderbolt ssd hard drive keyboard trackpad backlit intel laptop core i5 core i5 mac os x os x lion duncan33303 d3live austin evans d3enterprises state of jailbreak
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25 thoughts on “MacBook Air 11″ Review (2011)

  1. zzxxccvvbbnnmmist says:

    Amazing review!!
    You probably just covered every basic feature this thing has, and made following along be very easy and fun for someone like me who knows a little about the inter-workings of a computer, but not a lot.

  2. iCouldAppThat says:


    This review is so awesome and well flowing. You always do a good job with your videos, and i find myself taking tips from yours, appchats, and tldtoday’s videos for ways to make my reviews and videos more professional. Thanks again!

  3. jwbjnwolf says:

    Don’t you wish your laptop was hot like me!!
    Don’t you wish your netbook was powerful like me!!
    Don’t you wish your pc was a Mac like me!!
    Don’t you wish your pc was aluminum like me!!
    Don’t you wish your pc was fire resistant like me!!
    Don’t you wish your pc was amazing like me!!
    Don’t you wish your pc was not flimsy like me!!
    Don’t you wish you pc was not plastic like me!!
    Don’t you wish your pc was popular like me!!
    Don’t you wish your pc had nice comments like me!!
    Don’t you wish your pc wa

  4. jwbjnwolf says:

    Brilliant review. I want to earn up to also have a MacBook air so I can do video editing on the go when I am not by my iMac 27″.

    I would LOVE to take my iMac with me, but that would be crazy, and silly if I did as you have to be very muscly to take hold it for more than a few seconds.

    At the moment I am using my acer one 11.6″ to take to college with me instead of using those damn pcs there as they have win7 pro on 1gb ram and lots of software that I wouldn’t use and not enough of what I wan

  5. cj061 says:

    Mine, I have a MSI U130 Netbook/Notebook

    Here is the Specification:

    250 GB of Hard Drive
    1 GB DDR2 Memory
    1024 x 600 Screen Resolution
    10 inch of LED Display
    Intel Atom N450
    1.66 GHZ

  6. ElsebbeG says:

    Me gusta tu channel mucho 🙂
    Great vid, Very pro 🙂

    after watching this vid made me really wanna get the air, sadly i have a macbook pro 15 and that was expensive, so no air for me 🙁
    about the battery, i think u get more hours for light usage. (obviously depends what u mean by “light use”. Just surfing u should be able to get 5-6 hours.

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