Hello, Today I am going to be unboxing and showing you my new ATI Radeon HD 6870 XFX Black Edition. As you see in the title and this video, I am using this card on my 2008 8 Core Mac Pro. Wait…. what! (Some of you might say) that shouldn’t even be possible. Well, in the past to use none-apple certified graphics cards in the Mac Pro on Mac OS X, you had to “flash” or “dump” the ROM on the card of your choice. A very timely and tedious project. But! With the introduction of Mac OS X Lion, Apple brought along some nifty video drives(: One of those being a straight-out-of-the-box compatibility with any ATI Radeon HD 6870 of you’re choice! There might even be others, just, people haven’t explored all of them yet. You’ll see in this video the installation of this card and a first time boot up also. Pretty cool stuff that more and more graphics cards are getting full support from Apple. This is a hefty card for 0. In Windows, I can Crossfire these things and get one beast of a gaming machine! Something to keep in mind. Yes, I could of bought a flashed 5870 or Apple’s 5870 and gotten a faster card. But, this card is fast enough for pretty much everything “I” do. I saved a lot of money buying this thing over the 5870 also! So win, win for me. Just to clarify, I did no modifying of the ROM to this card. It. Just. Worked. Right after plugging this card in and seeing Mac OS X Lion boot into the card for the first time I could already see how much faster Lions “Fade into Desktop

TechnoBuffalo: technobuffalo.com This is a demo of the boot up time of the new Santa Rosa MacBook Pro. This is the first boot of the device. Thanks for watching, Jon

50 thoughts on “ATI Radeon HD 6870 XFX Black Edition | In a Mac Pro

  1. hyrobous says:

    @UseryHee No waste of money!! just try!! i only use hdd for storage, apps in my mac pro are incredible fast. My machine boots in 5 secs! photoshop cs5 open in 2 secs

  2. JJROADSTA says:

    Yes Apples products are expensive and you can build a computer faster for cheaper BUT…!! its the exclusive factor that they have if they dropped the prices on there products it will be exactly like what happened to blackberry and there phones..all fucking kids will be running around with them

  3. girlsdrinkfeck says:

    @chargerfun34 well as for ANY computers it differs person to person ,the best and most efficiant and stable laptops i owned were compaq and emachines at sub £300 mark, iseen macbooks kernal panick out of the box literally and i msure it happens with dells and acers etc too ,end of the day , .. meh

  4. TalesOfWar says:

    @girlsdrinkfeck Windows 7 uses EFI too, as did Vista (64bit editions). BIOS is only emulated to run POST, that’s it, there’s nothing emulated beyond that point, and it’s entirely 100% native beyond that. BIOS only matters during boot.

  5. girlsdrinkfeck says:

    @TalesOfWar macs mobo uses EFI ,windows uses BIOS ,bootcamp puts in a emulated BIOS for windows ,so its an emulation for the boot ,i didnt say windows is emulated i said bootcamp is an emulation, same as a ANY other PC with the correct CPU type can run OSX using a EFI emulator

  6. TalesOfWar says:

    @girlsdrinkfeck Boot Camp is NOT an emulator, it IS Windows, Boot Camp is just the set up process within OSX that creates a no destructive (and removes it by running it again afterwards) partition for Windows to be installed on. Past that it IS a Windows computer. It IS NOT emulating it. It’s NATIVE.

  7. girlsdrinkfeck says:

    @rocs2hrd4u my PC can also run OSX ,infact any PC can to a extent ,and bootcamp dosnt run perfectly and infact has many bugs like all emulations do ,im just saying a mac is built same as a PC but apple charges more for bog standard OEM componants ,at least the video uploader actually bought his own shit for the upgrades and not from overpriced crapple

  8. Justicejamesb says:

    I love the PC vs Mac argument and this is usually how I handle it. When building an engine, I like cars, you can use really cheap parts and get a running engine. When going for performance, high horsepower, in an engine you use balanced, name brand, well built parts in a block that has been machined to measurements…. I used to be a PC guy too, until I used my first Mac and came to the realization that the OSX Operating system is the wave of the future.

  9. rocs2hrd4u says:

    @girlsdrinkfeck ARE YOU DUMB?!?!?! THAT COMPUTER BLOWS PC OUTA THE WATER!!! the osx operating system lets you select a portion of the hardrive to designate for downloading windows programs and that way if you download something with a virus then it will only affect that part of the hardrive and therefore increasing the life of your mac.

  10. Lammetjonsson says:

    @niceworkmicrosoft No, but good =/= standards. Honestly, I’m not happy with the way Microsoft are developing Windows either, but it’s undeniable that it’s the most established OS on the market.

  11. ElChileGrande says:

    Yes unfortunately… I asked Apple for help, once again. This time in a “Genius Bar”, those bastards didn’t even send it to a repair… They meant that the problem couldn’t be fixed… -.-
    No refunds…

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