is long (EXPAND for more details) this video: I wanted to show the whole process in the vicinity. It passes through each type of key including the mechanism on the …
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22 thoughts on “How to remove and clean the Macbook Pro keyboard keys

  1. Tim Valenta says:

    I. .. by all means read my first answer to you and tell me where you see an argument. In fact, I basically said, “free love continue” and you were determined to prove that either (a) Do not make sweeping accusations, or that (b) your sweeping accusations are justified because “legal person” is a thing I. stand by the fact that I do not quite understand your goal. Well, we fight. But I’ll be damned if I “started” an argument by being open on a negative comment.


    @ Tim Valenta – FTR, I have just a comment (yesterday). She argues. Refers to companies, this was a direct answer to your question “of thousands of individuals made”. I’m not trying to rain on your parade. I LOVE Apple products too. In fact, I’m writing this on my fifth iPhone. My flesh is with the company, not the quality of its products. It’s not a big problem, need to drop a key off. It’s a problem, according to the BS-service payment for 2500 get 1000 notebook. It

  3. Tim Valenta says:

    What … leads you to believe you need to describe corporate personality in the comments of a video that may have been of no use to you also? Take a deep breath people. Take a deep breath. I have no idea what exactly you are trying to argue. I’m not overlooking anything. As a transition issue is a legal entity … tangentially related, at best. However, it is you want to color your sweeping accusations is fine with me. I remain largely unaffected, believe it or not.


    @ Tim Valenta – do not forget that a company an individual (see “legal person”) is. Well look no further than the past 100 years for countless examples of how seemingly innocent people when they form an evil that is worse by orders of magnitude than the sum of its parts “banded.

  5. Tim Valenta says:

    When you say that a legal person (made of thousands of individual people) equally hates humanity, it is indeed a bit over the top … Let’s be honest.


    @ Tim Valenta – that was no exaggeration. What’s more, I took my MacBook to the store for my “genius” appointment. I can tell you now that the IQ test is to determine not give it to her the same geniuses they enter in the field 🙂 But seriously tell. They gave me a key that does not even fit. And the guy mashed the shit out of my keyboard, arched my screen, and uses a Bic pen to. The key in and out of pop

  7. Tim Valenta says:

    Welp, that’s a pretty strong reaction from you. I imagine it will not charge you for this service, however, in view of the experiences I’ve had with their business / employees. But hyperbolas help power emotional arguments, so I do not stop them, you can remove it. Hope you find what you are looking for.


    Fuck Apple and their damn scuzbag company that does not give a damn about humanity (slaves in China) and not give a fuck about you or me. I spent 2500 for my MacBook Pro with Retina … F11 just fell out, and they make me go to the store and leave my laptop there, instead of just ordering a fucking god damned key for me on its own supply center.

  9. lynbearlou says:

    Yes, that was incredibly helpful! I managed to clean 4 buttons to make sure that my 13 year old son (the root beer spilled on our keyboard) could do it themselves. With your helpful and very detailed instructions that he be able to feel good about the work it back in order. He was sick, as if you were buried. I also noticed your drink in the images while you were with the cleaning. Make a lid! Always a mother! Thank you again!

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