request : What is the advantages of buying Mac Pro 12 core than a macbook pro besides it power supply is
I want to buy Macbook Air, but my father hit my Mac Pro 12 core because its more advantages to buy. Finally, my father wants to buy all two of them, but I still want to know what is the difference between them Best answer:.

answer by Darek Barquero
also the MacBook Air is an ultraportable laptop that is not a netbook and not a laptop, it is a Subnotebookdas MacBook Pro (I have it) is one of the best ever comuters it is very fast and is intuativeaber the Mac Pro a gaming and editing mac if u can afford it and I would recommend getting a Dell monitor for them, they make great monitors

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  1. fallibledragon says:

    12-core means it’s basically the same performance as 12 computers from just a few years got. Whether this is useful for you depends on what you are with your computer. At this point I just want to check, one for scientific matters such as climate modeling or 3D technology. As good as any other use is verschwenden.Der laptop is more portable, probably very useful for you. Ask your father why he thinks you should get the 12-core, and what is going to use all those extra cores.

  2. Adam says:

    If you want portability then get a Macbook Pro. If you do not, then a Mac Pro can be a suitable choice. If you question this, then you are not need a 12-core Mac Pro. If you want a powerful desktop Mac then consider a high-end iMac or Mac Pro single processor. The 3.33 GHz 6-core Mac Pro is much more popular than the dual-processor Mac Pro, for most people because it is faster than all of them to use. Even the 3.2 GHz quad-core is. The main difference between dual-and single-processor Mac Pro, in addition to the number of cores supports the amount of memory. 4 DIMMs on the single-, 8 on the dual.Die differences between the iMac and the Mac Pro are really expandability (besides the obvious such as processor speed and a built-in display). The Mac Pro has room for expansion in the form of PCI-E cards, future updates graphics card, more memory (8GB DIMMs can use), internal Speicher.Wirklich be more aware that more processing power is very expensive on the high end, 3.33 GHz 6-core, 2.66 GHz and 2.93 GHz 12-core, while actually only with those who like extremely sophisticated processor intesive work to be a time saver. That’s all there is actually a time-saving method. All current Macs can run the same software.

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