YouTube to B4UBuyReviews welcome. Today I’m unboxing and reviewing my new 15 “MacBook Pro with Retina display. Macbook Pro This is fresh o …
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Retina MacBook Pro Review * FIRST TIME * SEND MAC (HD) Read at discounted MacBook Pro 15.4 “with Retina Display Apple MacBook Air MD231L …
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34 thoughts on “Retina MacBook Pro 15 “A1398, 2.8 i7, 768 GB SSD, 16GB RAM Unboxing and Review

  1. robert miller says:

    The only time when you say, “Solid State Disk” when you talk about a hybrid drive otherwise it is either solid state drive, as in this particular Mac or hard drive, which means the standard mechanical spindle.

  2. B4UBuyReviews says:

    You’re right – I did not know that I was not done until after unboxing the focus locked. So lesson learned the hard way – booo. Thanks for watching though. Also, please do not swear. This is a child friendly environment. Haha.

  3. Jaylen Fast says:

    I have enjoyed using the rMBP. I have the 16GB, 512GB SSD with the. The display and the hard disk are definitely the best features. I also like the minimal fan noise, when I said I have the 16GB, 512GB SSD 2.6 i7 for all the nearly 2,500 … with a student discount of course. I think that was a good deal …

  4. bannajirocks says:

    not everyone needs everything, RAM, hard drive and so great. I went to a 15 MacBook Pro with Retina display. The only problem I have is that so many applications like Adobe Photoshop, etc are still not adjusted for retina display and look horrible? Also sees skype contact pictures so distorted. And what about heating problems? I get them a lot in games like GTA San Andreas!

  5. jnthan9999 says:

    Great review. I am considering and, this premium to get in the hope laptop because of its amazing specs and hardware / software. Just wondering what program you use to edit your video, they look great.

  6. B4UBuyReviews says:

    Thank you ever so much Doug. YouTube users such as you is what helps us to further develop and curators you., With helpful videos Please feel free to suggest what other topics you want to cover for me or discuss in the next video. Thank you for giving me your time and forever a supporter. Merci!

  7. gobbo241 says:

    There are always more ways a “first world problem”. It depends on what you want, how much time you invest in solutions, etc. Creating documents is “solved” often of MS Office, have graphics with Adobe Photoshop. These are both without running parallels. Be prepared for a learning curve, see some tutorial videos and try to take your time and think about your job instead of the software or hardware. Best of luck.

  8. AwkwardHamster says:

    My wife is a teacher, have not used a Mac, and has some educational software that runs only on Windows. I also Paralles 8 but is running Windows XP. I did not win 8 because it is expensive. I’ll keep you on the current 13 “macbook pro retina, because I hope it will be updated with the new Haswell processor. The Macbook Air has Haswell but if I add 8GB of RAM and 256GB HDD, it cost almost as much as the retina so I might as well keep the retina.

  9. Teresa Palmer says:

    Teachers; bought to create the following documents in order, with graphics, designs, colors, fonts, etc. 13 “Retina MacBook Pro 2.9GHz 1600MHz w i7/3.6GHz/8GB DDR3SDRAM2x4GB256GB Intel HD Graphics 4000 $ 1,599.99 Apple USB SuperDrive 79 $ 00 Parallels DT Sell & Win 8 8 6 $ 149.00 iPad, iPhone, iPod, new mac somewhat nervous before the transition, Windows Professional can buy for $ 40 as an educator no idea of ​​what to install,., this work or should I go back for something better smile?

  10. gobbo241 says:

    Sure, I would not try if you have not done anything like this before, even the parts to do it expensive. It’s only a matter of time before Thunderbolt is cheaper, since intel is behind it. You see it in the latest hi end motherboards all over now. I got a usb 3 is now available, the Seagate GoFlex adapter is not optimal look anyway storage review. com / seagate_goflex_thunderbolt_adapter_review

  11. AwkwardHamster says:

    Thanks for the link. I admit, I’ll be paranoid enough to do so much considering this laptop costs. My MacBook has 512GB SSD and I keep running out. I got the little one just to an additional 64GB on hand that is not have bulky. I have already bought 3 1.5 TB external USB3 hard disks for immediate use. I looked in the Thunderbolt housing and the cost was too high. Just the Thunderbolt adapter will cost an additional $ 100. The 1.5 TB only cost me $ 130th

  12. gobbo241 says:

    Yes skillful is a cool idea, I have other Windows laptops where the SD card clicked in light, what a bad design. Looks like its going to be a while thunderbolt to SATA / eSATA adapter / housing have to be more readily available as well. Id be interested in a nifty video looks like they are hard to buy atm. I ordered a macbook could upgrade the HD later as / watch? V = V3_x18MYRw0

  13. AwkwardHamster says:

    I ended up buying a 64GB microSD card and the refined ride. Nifty drive is designed to be flush with the Macbook body will hold nothing. Check it out. It was a Kickstarter project. If I do not publish a video about the small, I’ll try it. Soon erhalten.Danke for watching

  14. gobbo241 says:

    Finally someone is talking about the mbpro to actually use. Most videos come only with people unboxing boot up or reading the marketing bs. Did you end up leaving an SD card in it, endure it much?

  15. Maxim Kalenich says:

    By the way, I do not know what kind of video you make and what kind of resources you have, but for my needs I 2 useful tools (it is a kind of equivalent to each other) 1) Handbrake Handbrake. . fr 2) PERMUTE fuelcollective com – both converter can convert both DVD with chapters and so on and so forth

  16. AwkwardHamster says:

    Thanks for the info. I like to hear what tools people use because it saves me time from searching the internet and find the ones that is reputable.

  17. Maxim Kalenich says:

    Thanks for the video Review.Hier the list of software that I use to keep my mac clean: CleanMyDrive, CleanMyMac, MacPaw twins ControlPlane.Vielleicht you already use some of them. Best of luck.

  18. Goodliferacing says:

    im not bashing you but my father was almost like they’ve been with macs so long out, and he has never gotten a virus on one of his macs, he builds websites and stuff, so he uses it a lot.

  19. AwkwardHamster says:

    Mine was the original Apple white package in another box shipped. I thought frustration free just said you do not have to deal with the plastic seals, the border is very difficult to cut.

  20. sosarx says:

    Hey, this sounds like a silly question, but I really want to know. Hey, if you buy a MacBook Pro on Amazon says his frustration free packaging. Does that mean that there are not white box with apples? Does Amazon throw apples box and ship them in their brown box?

  21. Cazre Thomas says:

    the Core i-series laptops can run at a base clock of 2.3, but when the computer is under heavy load it ramps up the speed. I would not say it is super hot for me it’s just aluminum, it acts as a heat sink some species

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