request : What is security on an Apple MacBook Pro
I just broght my MacBook Pro and I need to know if there is any security in already or if I need to install it. I have both CDs that came pre-installed with the Mac. Please help me Best Answer:

Reply Coldsaur
probably a crappy one because apple sucks hardcore crusty nips

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2 thoughts on “What safety there is on an Apple MacBook Pro?

  1. Richard B says:

    Macs come with a firewall, and if you have all the updates that Apple put out is installed, there is a tiny bit anti-virus/anti-malware there, but I would install a full suite anti-virus/anti-malware there just to to be sure.

  2. Jessica Queller says:

    Security is not something you install. There is a whole approach. If you want to make sure your MacBook Pro, do the following: 1 Use a strong Kennwort.2. Charge only open source programs for free or paid programs. Not pirated movies or Musik.3. Enable root login, file sharing, or SSH.4. Install Mac OS X updates regularly. Many of them are security Updates.5. Instead of Safari, Firefox with the extension NoScript.6. Learn to prevent yourself about “social engineering” and how that the victim of it.

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