Find out why now is the time to rediscover how 3Com can help you stretch your dollars and networking with the best value without sacrificing performance.
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For more information visit: Cat6 is the sixth generation of twisted pair Ethernet cabling. Cat6 patch cables provides higher performance than Cat5e and features more stringent specifications for crosstalk and system noise. Cat6 cables and components are backward compatible with Cat5 cable and Cat5e.Cat6 will deliver stable performance to 550 Mhz. Each Cat6 cable is UL listed and meets EIA / TIA Cat6 TIA / EIA 568-B-2.1, draft 9 standards. Cat6 patch cables are! Bandwidth-intensive applications up to 550 Mhz and beyond and reduce handling both impedance and structural return loss to standard 100 Mhz cable compared Connector: 50-micron gold plated RJ-45 Male to Male Conductor: 24 AWG Stranded Copper Jacket: PVC Molded, Snag-Free boot prevents unwanted cable snags Applications:-Gigabit 1000 BASE-T, 100 Base-T, 10 BASE-T ( IEEE 802.3) -4 / 16 Mbps Token Ring (IEEE 802.5), 100 VG-Any LAN -100 Mbps TP-PMD (ANSI X3T9.5) 55/155 Mbps ATM-Voice, T1 high-bandwidth applications such as 622 ATM, Wideband Designed For: Network cards, hubs, switches, routers, DSL / cable modems, patch panels and other twisted-pair applications Certifications: UL Standard: Category TIA/EIA- 6568-B-2.1, draft 9
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24 thoughts on “An interview with Alex Dobson, 3Com VP and GM North America

  1. gilemonx says:

    Thank you for this video, but as you crimp the screen? My Cat 6 cables will not work at 1Gbps, if the shield is not properly connected to the port … I’ve duct-tapped holes … but this is not permanent Lösung.Anyone?

  2. bennyevs11 says:

    The plastic thing in the middle does not hold the wires together … It separates them. This is the essential difference between CAT5 and CAT6 cable (insulation).

  3. apostledesign says:

    Seems like a lot of work to use the Align tool wire. What is the advantage of using it? Is it ok to just use the RJ-45 connectors, which you feed straight into the cat? That is what we have been doing for years with the Cat5.Wenn you have time, please send me your opinon. Than you.

  4. MorkaGraven says:

    The thing to pay attention to is unraveling. The turns helping to control the electromagnetic properties of the plastic, which is the essential part of the data cable. Only because the cable does not mean that it can not be improved. A good cable should be to have as little resistance as possible.

  5. wowhappydude says:

    Straighten 12:15 Werkzeuge1.01 separate lines within the individual Drähte02.04 Kabels1.15 Separate and cut the Drähte02.40 push each wire through the small holes * 3:02 This is the hardest Teil03.50 double check the crimp4 Kabel04.31. 38 Test the cable Thanks for the video

  6. commguy353 says:

    Absolutely Cat6 cables are available by the rotation in the pairs to erzählen.Absolut Cat6 connector may by the pair separators erzählen.Absolut cheesey one tester, but good enough to confirm the continuity and make it a model with MDII and MDIX switch Frequenzweichen.Absolut for proof that people should proofread before they criticize, “and then not show 8pin wiremap” perhaps meant. “There is not even an 8-pin wire map” “A small amount of knowledge is always to escape from a big mouth” … 😉

  7. nikolasthewise says:

    This is not Cat6 connection nor is it Cat6 cable ….. google itTester is cool … NOT! There are even not show 8pin see WiremapIch wants as he tests crossover cable with this thing X) Unless … You can learn how to make Cat5 connector of this 😉

  8. robbieontheplaya says:

    Thank you! Observed before, I did not know in what order these wires put (and had a 50:50 chance of it back). Thanks for the video, which shows me which way it went!

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