Use as Social Hub on your Samsung Galaxy S2

The Galaxy S2 comes with sophisticated Samsung Social Hub installed as standard. It serves as a one-stop shop for all your social networking and instant messaging needs, but their device can be a little complicated. As always, CNET UK is here to iron out the complexity step by step. Are you sitting comfortably? Hit play on Marc’s video guide.

2 thoughts on “How to use Social Hub on your Samsung Galaxy S2

  1. acana79 says:

    What happened to the Social Hub? Now I can not get a good overview of my emails. Everything is displayed just messages and there is no option to view various types of e-mail accounts. I want to click on Social Hub. Then a list of my other email account to be displayed and I can then access the account I want. I want it, as it was before; considered productive, efficient and easy.

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