Using 3Com, customers spend less on their networks and more on their critical business needs. Hosted by Ron Sege, 3Com President and Chief Operating Officer.
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Meet the people behind Windows Phone. One of our Program Managers sits down to talk about the new People Hub on Windows Phone 7.5. Watch as we walk you through updated features like Live Tiles, designed to help you focus on the people you care about most.
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25 thoughts on “Rediscover 3Com with Ron Sege, 3Com President and Chief Operating Officer

  1. bberakable says:

    Yeah, the People hub is pretty cool.. But here’s a question – I get an sms from a long lost friend (no longer in my contacts list) and I want to import the number attached to the sms into a new contact.. I can’t seem to find a way to do this using my Windows 7.5 Mango phone.. I hope I’ve just overlooked something – because my oldschool Nokia even had this feature…

  2. dalascby says:

    Maybe you misunderstood…I’m talking about being able to hear sound from videos via a bluetooth headset. For some CRAZY reason WP7 removed this ‘necessary’ feature. That may make WP7 the only OS to take an archaic step BACKWARDS to the world of “wires”. Even Windows Mobile had this (in addition to all of your current competitors). FIX THIS PLEASE!

  3. entyceit says:

    its actually possible. Go on ur zune menu and pick wireless sync. just charge ur phone thru outlet because it needs power to do this and wait at least 10 min to sync up and grab that movie.

  4. loadstone007 says:

    This guy is SO weird – his mouth doesn’t move right when saying letters like “W” (his mouth should look like he’s whistling). Maybe he has some sort of a problem with his mouth…
    Check 2:01 to see an example.

  5. 00Mindi00 says:

    My god, can the marketing for WP7 get any WORSE!

    MS have made an AWESOME mobile OS, you’ve got an amazing opportunity to OWN everyone else in the mobile market but you’re not looking great with videos like this!

    – a super dork is the star
    – the music is terrible
    – the video overall is totally disengaging
    – get RID of the sky blue background! It looks terrible, you need something more lively and contemporary. The blue Microsoft feel needs to GO – its like being in a bland white bathroom!

  6. tuneintochannelissak says:

    Windows Phone 7 is down right the most original OS for a mobile ever. Such a great job microsoft. Still a few things to be improved, but Mango is going to be such an improvement!

  7. dechah says:

    It is built into Windows Phone 7. Simply go to setting and change Wallpaper and Lock Screen, up will pop a Wallpaper folder and the image is in there.

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