Cisco’s Jimmy Ray Purser explains.

Byte Brothers TVR1000 LAN Tester

Features: * Verifies if PC is ON, if it appears as a PC and speed capabilities and duplex. * Verifies if hub/switch is ON, if it appears as a hub/switch and speed capabilities and duplex. * Goes inline between two devices to verify the negotiated speed and duplex of the link. This powerful feature is is found on testers that cost 00 or more! * Verifies hub/switch to hub/switch data transmission. * Checks if straight thru or crossover patch cable is required. * Finds speed bottlenecks on 10, 100 and 1000 Base-T LANs. * Inline monitors LAN link to determine negotiated speed (between two devices). * Locates miswired cables. * Locates missing cables. * Locates cables that can not support 100 and 1000 Base-Toperation (for LANs that require 4 pair wiring). * Tests connection to hub/switch (pairs connected to hub/switch). * Tests connection to PC (pairs connected to hub/switch). * Tests installed cables (pairs wired and type). * Tests patch cables (pairs wired and type). * Remote Probe helps locate and trace inactive cables. * Remote Probe traces active cables connected to hubs/switches and PC without interfering with LAN performance. * The TVR10/100/1000 includes a Main Unit and a Remote Probe Unit; batteries; 2 RJ45 to RJ45 jumpers, manual and a protective pouch. Available at Tequipment.NET Video by Byte Brothers
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25 thoughts on “What is a Router vs. a Switch?

  1. woytybEE says:

    A router is a switch with functions for connecting to ‘public’ networks such as NAT and SPI firewall, it may also have other network features like DNS, DHCP and port forwarding.

    A switch is for private networks, and doesn’t have that stuff. A managed switch is also for private networks, and usually has features to segment the private network even further and shape traffic on the LAN.

  2. HeyWhatchaWatchin says:

    Internet was designed and created by the American DOD (Department of Defense). They wanted a way to transfer information from point A to point B faster and more reliable than mail.

  3. y2khardtop says:

    So I know how a router and switch differ….but why can I buy a router cheaper than a switch??? I need a low cost switch in my home, but it’s always cheaper to buy a 4-port router and disable the routing functions

  4. ghotioutofh2o says:

    There’s something we agree on. 🙂 I’m born and raised American and it irks me when people say “dat-uh” (like the first two letters of “dad” for that first “a” – a short “a”). It’s a regional thing I think.

  5. ghotioutofh2o says:

    I was being facetious about the Al Gore thing. It’s a common joke around here. I don’t know who really invented the internet, nor do I really care.
    Would you elaborate on your two-word pronunciation? Are they long “A”s or short “A”s? Did you hear it as two separate words? You’ve got me really curious.

  6. davidhadley1984 says:

    funny that his wikipedia page says nothing about the internet. WOW he must be a star but not want any credit. I did not see DA TA thats the way americans say the british invention

  7. ghotioutofh2o says:

    Everyone knows Al Gore (born in DC (that’s in the US)) invented the internet.

    And I’ve never seen (nor heard) anyone separate data into two words like you brought up. Where did you see that?

  8. davidhadley1984 says:

    I think you forget that the Internet was invented by ENGLISH (london) UK Tim Berners-Lee. Without UK ENGLISH Tim Berners-Lee there would be no need for americans to make up there own name for routers or to make up names like DA TA. It’s data, one word!

  9. blackboxdisease says:

    Learn the english language. the letter O and U when combined create a OW sould like OWL. Do you honestly go around speaking like: Once, aboot every hoor I take some floor to make some doogh. In the process it creates cloods of floor in the air. But when finished, I get to enjoy the soor doogh I made.

    It is pronouced rOUter. don’t let the dour hit you on the way oot.

  10. ahlanv74 says:

    just want to ask. . i have here a switch hub. . .. can i use it to connect to the modem directly. . . and if yes. . . what ports would i use to connect the modem and the two laptops? please help. . ..

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