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3 thoughts on “Brother MFC-9320CW High Quality Digital Color All-in-One Printer with Wireless Networking

  1. Karl says:
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     2.0 out of 5 stars Remarkable color all-in-one for its price range (updated) , 21 October 2009

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    This review is from: Brother MFC-9320CW High Quality Digital Color All-in-One Printer with Wireless Networking (Office Product)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine ™ Program ( What’s this? )

    (Updated to reflect experience and the updated version “C” firmware.) This
    Brother color MFC is a reasonable choice if you are looking for a wired or wireless network, high-speed laser-like color printer, copier, scanner and fax all-in-one must not duplex printing (both sides) / fax / scan. Personally, I duplex almost everything to save paper, and so would prefer the model Brother MFC-9840CDW Color Laser Multifunction Center with a wireless interface and duplex , the more a small price increase this is. (You can manually duplex with the MFC-9320CW by printing odd pages, the output stack and places it in the paper tray, and print the even pages. Yet, only one paper jam would ruin that process.)

    I have a number of complaints about the machine and the software that keeps me away is to prevent more than three stars.
    Note that laser-class printers are no substitute for photo printers. Do not expect photo quality color (or even a very wide color gamut) or the ability to print on photo paper. That’s not what. These devices class apart If photo quality is your expectation, look to inkjet photo printers. (The scanner on this device is photo-quality, though.)
    My rating on the reasonable expectations of what it should do a color laser based: spot color, graphics, text and graphics documents, reasonable color copies …. and all water resistant, due to the fused toner.
    for both wired and wireless networks worked well, although the instructions for the wireless setup by and for a geek to be written, so if you’re not a techie, you will probably need a tech friend to help if Your wireless network is secure, with hidden SID and password. It’s really annoying that the device prints two sheets of paper, if you. The network settings, a change to the cable and the wireless settings This should be a user option.
    The printer uses four toner cartridges, each designed for about 1,000 pages according to the instructions. But there is a kind of bug in the firmware or software. After printing only a handful of pages, both the device and the software monitor reported that the cyan cartridge was nearly empty. The colored bars they showed empty. However, showed the web-based control panel for the printer cartridges all full. The only way to get rid of was the Cyan empty messages in all places, the MFC off and then on again. Installing the software on another computer on the network caused the message to be back – this time saying that both Cyan and Yellow were empty. Updating the firmware from the delivered version “A” to the current downloadable version “C” seems to have fixed this problem.
    The print quality is very good, but requires adjustments for printing photos. I printed the PDF for a software manual, which included various color screenshots. It looks fantastic and printed in the vicinity of the 17 PPM advertised rate. . Nice
    Even though it is not a photo printer
    photos are part of what will be printed on a color laser printer – as part of newsletters, real estate flyers, business cards, etc. So I saw what I to do to get the best results from color-calibrated source images needed.
    Anything with photos must really be 600 X 2400 resolution to be printed to get all the details. (600 x 600 is for most other documents in order.) The white foam of the waterfall in a test image just blurred together at 600 x 600 resolution. 600 x 600 on this LED printer is not the same crispness as 600 x 600 on a laser
    I found that photographic images require printing with the Vivid color option, and with increased brightness. Even though a color wheel looked good, performed a calibration image with different faces for skin tones, color swatches and the color looked sepia, in spite of some other colors in the image are looking close to correct. I had the red level to +12 and brightness to +4 push to start in the print dialog to get the skin, such as skin look. Even then it was a little orange-brown. Neither the Caucasian, Asian or African American babies’ skin looked right, but the picture was more usable. It seemed wrong that a bump of +12 made (out of 20) on red so little difference. Further, on making a color copy where. It only +1 and +2 for red, improved the 1 the red in some places, but made of green grass look yellow There is no reason that adding red should cause dass So, I think that there are some firmware and / or software problems are resolved here by Brother.
    Manual feed items you have to be fed at a time, unlike other Brother MFC machines that have a multifunction tray that accepts multiple sheets as an alternative … Read more


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  • JOHN D says:
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     5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding! Windows 7 and Snow Leopard too! , 4 December 2009

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    This review ( What is it )
    This review is from: Brother MFC-9320CW High Quality Digital Color All-in-One Printer with Wireless Networking (Office Product)

    Let me start by saying that this is my first review of a product is everywhere. I felt that I write this, because I always read advice before buying anything, and I find them very helpful. I must say that this printer is excellent. I first contacted Brother Support by e-mail to find out if this printer is compatible with Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit, as well as with Apple’s Snow Leopard 10.6.2. They responded within 24 hours and assured me that it was , with downloadable drivers from the Brother Solutions Center download page. So I took the plunge and made the purchase.
    My printer FedEx delivered a day late was (as usual). I like UPS so much better but I’m not faulting Amazon or Brother for this. I set up the printer on the Quick Start Guide and turned it on. So far, so good. Here comes the best part. I called Brother technical support for assistance in downloading the driver and software package and install it on my system to ask. An initial wait time of about 15 minutes kinda sucked, but let me tell you, these are top notch technicians from Brother. I had a Windows 7 tech walk me through the installation of 64-bit system, then the 32-bit system, all without problems. my transfer Then call an Apple Expert who has done the same for me. I was up and running within an hour! wireless and all Amazing! ‘ br /> Then I got to play with it for a while. I wasted some paper tries to scan, copy and print functions, but it was worth it. Fax works great. Printer is compact but heavy, I all about me but it would help a second pair of hands. printer is relatively quiet for a laser black is black! color is beautiful and alive, and best of all it is working perfectly on all my systems, PC and Mac!
    I must say that the Brother support technician was so good. They all spoke clear English and were easy to understand. They were all very knowledgeable about the machine and the various OS I had. Thumbs up all the way. ‘ br /> I had seen a Samsung CLX-3175FW wireless color laser, but the limited Mac support pushed me away I called their customer service line to ask the compatibility issues and I was told. “I’m pretty sure that it works with the Mac. “Pretty sure? No thanks! This printer replaces a Dell 968 Wireless All In One. This printer does not play would be nice with the Mac or with 64-bit Windows 7. Dell tech support is the worst. Long waiting times and . unrecognizable dialects The MFC-9320CW was the answer Hands down

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  • Bookenator says:
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     5.0 out of 5 stars Simple, easy to install, does it all. Fast: D , 21 October 2009

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    This review is from: Brother MFC-9320CW High Quality Digital Color All-in-One Printer with Wireless Networking (Office Product)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine ™ Program ( What’s this? )

    As the previous reviewer said, this printer is not automatic duplex printing, although you can do it manually. I would say this is his major downfall if duplex printing is something you do often. If you do not, then this machine is really impressive in all other respects. I agree with the other reviewer that the color off a little but for color copies it’s fine. It’s a big beast of a machine, so you have a better place for them. You can install it directly to a computer via USB or network, either wired or wireless. not I (with a USB cable included, but it is a standard USB printer cable and I connected a turn), and the installation was very easy. quickly I had this set was as the default printer, and then divided them into my network. Printing is fast and the Print quality is impressive. particular, the lines on black letters noticeably crisp and sharp.
    The addition of a sheet feeder for the copier / scanner / fax makes this a really useful small office all in one machine. If you have a lot of copies have to make, stack ’em up and let’ em rip. For single copies, open the lid and place it on the glass. Either way, it’s easy to choose color or black and white on the front panel.
    The fax feature allows you to share a phone line with your phone, in which case you can use distinctive ring, not the fax to know machine, when they pick up and when. If you no marked ring, you can just set, Hand that you answer the phone with the fax machine to make people avoid having talks with the screeching fax machine sound. You can fax from your computer or machine.
    All in all I was impressed with this machine. Also, when printing duplex (both sides) is a common task for you, I would look for another machine. Otherwise, if you want an all in one that is easy to set up and operate, consider this machine. I barely have the manual read and had it in no time. took it about 30 seconds to teach my wife how to use it. I agree to the instructions for the wireless up are a bit techy, but that’s the nature of the wireless set. Apart from . it is easygoing

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