** Warning-Strong language ** A crucial part of acting is the networking and social events going on to help others in the industry and know more and more people who are crucial in this business. I was very fortunate and blessed that Maxim Woman of the Year event in Santa Monica, due to various legal reasons not authorized the event or visitors therefore contains this video filming to visit nothing except my grimace. Yea yea I’m sorry, I know you wanted to see Maxim models and instead, you have to listen to this chick talk blah blah blah. Too bad, so sad, lol get over it, you can YouTube maxim or victoria secret, see if you like the stuff okay. Anyway, I had a great time. I meet so many people in the industry, I even ran into an actor who played on Charmed (Love that show) more actors will come in a future project, Stan Lee! oh and of course you will not believe it but I ran into Gamers none other than the big names themselves, Cas Anvar! The voice of Altair! If you’ve played Assassin’s Creed Revelation, then you know exactly who I’m talking about! Such a cool guy! He is a nerd and a gamer! You can find out more about Cas Anvar, Twitter: @ Casanvar Youtube: www.youtube.com Facebook: www.facebook.com www.imdb.com / casanvar You can follow me on the following social media! Twitter Account: www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com IMDB: imdb.com All things nerdy and gaming related; Playfire account: www.playfire.com
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This week David Carman tells us the definition of networking. It’s not about collecting business cards. It is. About connecting with people that can help you, your goals, networking and creating “win-win” relationships

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