55 Minutes Synopsis: This class introduces students to the equipment used in computer networking. This class teaches students what each individual piece of equipment does, and how they work together. Prerequisites: None This class talks about: Modems Routers Firewalls VPN Switches Wireless Access Points Cabling Clients, Devices and Servers Defines Logical and Physical
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25 thoughts on “Introduction to Networking

  1. onelerv1 says:

    Those tricky bastards -_- No wonder why I wasn’t downloading at 11MB/per second… I was getting frustrated cause I was downloading 1.2-1.3MB/per second..

  2. dogonnogod says:

    Well, I have am Async DSL line and the download speed sure does vary depending on the time of day. During the day, or very late at night, the speed is very good (relatively speaking) at just over 5 Mbps(I am paying for 6Mbps and have never, ever reach that mark). Right at about 3:30pm when kids are getting out of school and people are returning home for work my speed goes down to sometimes under 1Mbps. On weekends, I rarely get over 2-3Mbps and it is usually down around 1Mbps or less.

  3. sapplsapp says:

    Great series of videos! I have a question: In this video, you state that a router will let you out but will not let you come back in. I have a SSL VPN set up which can be accessed using either the device’s internal or external IP. When inside my LAN, on the same subnet as the VPN device, I can access the VPN device using the external IP address via a web browser. In this case, it seems that my router is letting me out and back in. Am I missing something?

  4. tys430 says:

    I just got a 24 port switch and I was confused because I cant find a line in port. Does it matter witch one I plug my internet into, and can I use it to send the internet to multiible computers, game systems, etc?

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