Lecture Series on Computer Networks by Prof. S.Ghosh,Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT,Kharagpur. For more Courses visit nptel.iitm.ac.in

25 thoughts on “Lecture -1 Emergence of Networks & Reference Models

  1. 0799able says:

    thank you professor for your lecture and thanks for those who support you financialy and phisically i am very intersted in your lectures.
    thanks agian. young man of the world .

  2. amarendar464 says:

    low volume but awesome lectures i never knew dese kind of lectures dat r uploaded those who miss iit dose who r passoinate to study but couldnot due to circumstances can study here..one who doesnot do btec in iit can do follow dese lectures realy awesome work thnx a lot ….i would request u to post d lectures with animations in the future

  3. dlakshman143 says:

    sir i’m in living in a village.so the internet speed is very slow.so please help with solutions. sir we want these videos in a DVD format.please tell me.sir i saw this web site in a news paper.so please help me.plz plz plz plzplz plzplz plzplz plzplz plzplz plz

  4. senantiasa says:

    For those of you who are saying that this is boring. Maybe this is just the beginning, because he does talk about networking in general and about it’s history. However, if you look at all the other lectures he made, you can see that lots of people thanked him and the Indian gov’t for these great lectures.

  5. xPaddy0524x says:

    It does become boring after a short while, and you really have to keep your attention from drifting away. I found most of the analogies he used confusing and badly explained.

    For what it is worth, it is free education, and the materials are structured so you can learn step by step.

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