Using Powerline ethernet you can run your network on your home / office existing power cables instead of pulling ethernet cables and this is ideal if you have patchy Wifi connections or you need stable internet connections in areas where you cannot put ethernet cables, and in this video I review the tp-link TL-PA201KIT which is a 200 Mbps ethernet adapter kit. TP-Link Tp-Link India Unboxing video of TP-LINK powerline TL-PA201KIT
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38 thoughts on “Powerline Ethernet Networking TP-LINK Powerline Kit Review

  1. geekyranjit says:

    There is no configuration processor for the power-line u just plugin in the 2 adapters it’s like just pulling a ethernet cable from one end to the other for setting up a WiFi router Refer to any other videos on youtube how you setup a WiFi router.

  2. geekyranjit says:

    It works fine in an apartment it does not matter apartment or individual house….. why do you ask that….. in-fact all the testing was done in the apartment as I live in a apartment.

  3. geekyranjit says:

    Actually if u just have 2 adapters without even hitting the pair button they should connect automatically but if they don’t u can click the pair button also hitting the pair button encrypts the connect between the 2 adapters, also if you want to add another adapter to your network like 3rd or 4th then u need to hit the pair button.

  4. geekyranjit says:

    What is there to make another video about a simple thing like that, you just connect the ethernet wire that I connected to the laptop to the WiFi routers WAN port if you want to connect another WiFi router.

  5. eatpepsimobile says:

    the products are supplied by the companies for review purposes … you can also ask them to send over a sample to review, only you have to show your credibility by number of clicks on your videos or web pages etc… the product is mostly returned to the company after a certain duration … but sometimes the reviewers review stuff they bought … you can look up many reviewers in India … like Igyaan etc … sometimes the reviewers make money of the ads on their websites and the youtube …

  6. geekyranjit says:

    Are you crazy or always try to post stupid and mean comments…. I review a lot of products and none of the companies pay me to do the same….. any I do not think so I have to answer you or anyone how I earn my living…… but if you think I am making my living by making video review you are just crazy, I do it as its my passion ppl have been taking my advice for electronic stuff for over 10 years now hence I felt doing vid reviews is a good idea.

  7. geekyranjit says:

    Who gave you an idea that this powerline equipment is using WiFi it uses your electrical wiring to transmit the signal, in-fact you can just connect it directly to the plain non-Wifi router and use the same and no it does not interfere with your normal electrical signals, if you notice I connected the second adapter & from that power outlet my TV my Xbox360 / WDTV and even AVR receiver is connected and they work fine.

  8. geekyranjit says:

    Yeah sure……. in-fact many ppl do that where they have a large house to extend their WiFi range.. just connect another WiFi router to the other end of the powerline adapter.

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