100MD MiraDongle – Affordable HD 1080p, Android OS, Linux 3.0.36, Mirror Cast Dongle Tablet-to-TV Display by iView


  • Project multimedia files from your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi to your TV
  • Wi-Fi 2.4G HD transmission
  • Supports Full HD 1080p
  • Supports OS Linux 3.0.36
  • Dimension – 2.9 L x 0.37 W x 1.22 H in.
  • Item Weight – 0.05 lbs.


Available on backorder

This small compact device allows you to enjoy all the great capabilities of the IVIEW tablet on your big screen television. You can watch your favorite videos, catch up on the news, visit your favorite sites, or share your photos.

This unique device does not require any application nor does it have restrictions on what you can access or what you can do. Anything your IVIEW tablet or Android device is capable of will be mirrored onto your big screen television for you to enjoy.

Did you know that you can do multiple tasks at once while using the Mira Dongle Functions? For instance, your tablet can display Netflix on your television screen while you surf the web at the same time, without having any interruptions of the Netflix movies on your TV!

IVIEW tablets with Android OS will be available to play with MiraDongle in the future.

So far the IVIEW tablets which are compatible with the MiraDongle Device are:

  • IVIEW-788TPC
  • IVIEW-785TPC
  • IVIEW-778TPC
  • IVIEW-920TPC

The Mira Dongle is even compatible with non-IVIEW products such as:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note3
  • HTC One

Connecting IVIEW’s MiraDongle Device:

All one has to do is connect the IVIEW MiraDongle to any other Android device with operating system of Android 4.2 and above. You can use your cell phone or tablet that has an operating system and enjoy the abilities of the MiraDongle. Do not tangle yourself with wires and a complicated process, the IVIEW MiraDongle is easy to install and no wires are needed to connect the MiraDongle to your tablet. Not only is it easy to install, but it is easy to use. The MiraDongle is the perfect accessory to your IVIEW tablet or Android OS.

– Ship Weight: 1.49 lbs.