Tips may be what servers work for, but now it’s their turn to give the customers a few tips of their own as they divulge in proper dining etiquette, tipping percentages and other trials of the waiting life. For the complete “server’s guide”, visit:
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50 thoughts on “A Few Good Tips: A Server’s Guide to Dining Out

  1. koreamexicoflava says:

    May I be the first to say, no shit Sherlock. I’m not expecting a tip if your experience was horrible overall. I only expect this CUSTOMARY “grace” that you speak of when I do my job to the fullest of my steps of service.

  2. alien0312 says:

    Just complain your ass off to get minimum wage. thats all. no big deal. restaurants inflate food prices so that the chain can make money. waiters and servers are being left out of the loop. u cant expect customers to tip you no matter what. every tip is a grace. i go to a restaurant for the food. not to make servers happy. and what i tip is because i feel the food is good and the service was good and what not. so dont expect me to tip just because i should feel sorry for you

  3. torontothegood says:

    i don’t tip … this automatic tipping shit is for the birds .. if waiters don’t make enough cash .. get another fuccin’ job … don’t come beggin me for money .. just bring me my food and shut up! … i love seeing the face of waiters when they search the table looking for ‘tip money’ after i leave .. LOL.. i usually lurk around the corner to see their face expression. Priceless!

  4. torontothegood says:

    @HoHolly2004 ok .. so bump up the price to $10. and pay the waiters fairly .. but don’t fuckin’ beg me for money after i’ve PAID full price for my meal … the fuckin’ service is INCLUDED! …

  5. sean1256 says:

    If you’re tipping out $50 every night, you’re making a shit load of money. I’ve been a server myself, and believe in tipping well. But if you’re making that much money, you have no room to complain.

  6. clerickolter says:

    You get the minimum wage under the law is it my fault you’re all pansies that won’t fight for your right to the normal minimum wage, why should I tip you for being stupid. I went to restaurants abroad and they get paid a proper minimum wage with benefits and they don’t need to get tips its OPTIONAL. You need to stand up and demand that here.

  7. MsHojat says:

    @SatchmoSings some people are rude, belligerent and/or stupid. I am strongly in favor of respecting servers, and tolerating things which are not their fault (which is most often the case for many problems), but just because you saw some guy get kicked out, doesn’t mean he got kicked out for complaining that the server didn’t actually do their job, and likely not because they didn’t tip, either, so your story is probably quite meaningless.
    People can be “asshats”, but doesn’t mean they tip or not

  8. SatchmoSings says:

    @MsHojat Yes, that patron has the right to complain; the restauranteur and/or manager also has the right to tell the patron never to come back to their restaurant ever again; I just saw this in my local diner and immensely enjoyed the owner’s brother chewing out an asshat customer.

  9. MelkorHimself says:

    @SatchmoSings Looking at your inability to formulate a non-fallacious thought and by your name calling, it’s clear that you are not thinking logically. Come back to me when you can disprove my point with irrefutable logic.

  10. MsHojat says:

    @SatchmoSings are you mentally challenged? There’s a difference between hygienic behavior and etiquette. I’m not sure if you understand, but my whole point is that black people indeed don’t have as much or any blockades to freedom as they once did because etiquette has CHANGED. My point is that etiquette is a varying thing that is not necessarily outline the best overall action to take, and is very often flawed. Saying something is etiquette is no defense or reason for doing something.

  11. SatchmoSings says:

    @MelkorHimself You don’t know the first goddamn thing about being in or running a business and you also have, at best, a very limited capacity for etiquette.

    One of the very first rules of etiquette is an ability to admit error; fortunately waiters have a few more generous people that even out assholes like you and now that I’ve pointed this out, it will further motivate your non-tipping habits.

  12. MelkorHimself says:

    @SatchmoSings Do you even realize what you’re typing? Who gave you a keyboard? Present arguments that don’t involve fallacious reasoning, and then I’ll consider your points.

  13. SatchmoSings says:

    @MelkorHimself You sound exactly like the loser that’s never been in business and thinks that money just comes from “somewhere” as a matter of right.

  14. MelkorHimself says:

    @SatchmoSings So what if food prices increased? I welcome that because Capitalism 101 says restaurants will receive less patronage and will, in turn, have to close. This process of natural selection will make room for restaurant owners who know how to keep food costs low and still pay fair wages.

  15. SatchmoSings says:

    @fahlou13 The late, great Louis Armstrong used to say, “Don’t fuck with my hustle.”

    When you don’t tip, that’s what you’re doing; I hope the waiter sprinkles your food with diarrhea the next time.

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