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2 thoughts on “Tripp Lite SRW12US33 12U Wall Mount Rack Enclosure Server Cabinet Door/Sides, Hinged, 33-Inch Deep

  1. Jason A. Smith says:

    Tripp Lite SRW12US I upgraded to this after purchasing the Norco W-609 cabinet. This is an extremely nice enclosure and it shows. The rails inside are neatly numbered and the paint looks high quality and thick. The edges on the cabinet are also rounded so you don’t cut yourself on them accidentally. The cage nuts are VERY easy to install too, you can just pop them in with your fingers.The only downside I can even think of is, if you buy the optional caster set it is pretty annoying to mount them to the bottom of it because the holes are in kind of an odd place which makes it difficult to put the screws in properly.Bottom line: This is the second Tripp Lite product I’ve purchased, and I will definitely buy more in the future. They have both been very high quality.

  2. J. Nichols says:

    Nice enclosure Front and side access doors that lock as well as a swing-out for rear access. The front door could easily be pried open so this is not a security box. The box itself can be mounted so that the hinge swings either way.Has holes for wheel mount on bottom and top, holes for fan mounts, and removable panels for cable access top and bottom. Lockable side doors also.All in all a nice versatile box. Mine arrived dented and had to return.

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