see them mounting the (soon) Boxchip Allwinner A13 7 “capacitive tablet. This Shenzhen factory assembly line cranks out about 4,000 such tablets in a day’s work. If you like this video, you should also my speakers Shenzhen factory video ( that I released last month. I think that they are treated better than Apple / Foxconn workers, I think they better money, they have better working conditions (for example, they can wear their own clothes ), it is likely that more flexibility and the work less monotonous. But, of course, I think working conditions for all Chinese consumer electronics factory workers can be improved. My suggestion is that consumers have the choice to buy is “vouchers that go 100% to the employees that the devices “made, for example, choose to pay extra for the tablet, and know about the 100% goes to the factory workers who say build it, they double their salary (if 50% of all consumers spend on average decide each case) per unit.

25 thoughts on “$ 55 Boxchip Allwinner A13 Tablet Factory Tour

  1. Charbax says:

    China is 99% of consumer electronics manufacturing and assembly. Vietnam can not compete. Chinese workers can pay better conditions as quickly as consumer electronics brands to choose them more. This can happen, no need to wait. Workers should be paid more for 2x 2x less work.

  2. Bass Roy says:

    Vietnamese and Southeast Asian countries have started to introduce a large number of foreign factories, while China’s competitiveness gradually decreases, especially if you (corruption and bribery are very common in China) these hidden costs to consider. It does not make sense to talk about fair trade in China, to the rule of law is to achieve in a position (to defend the rights and interests of workers in China, the legal system is necessary to be improved).

  3. asyongmatipid2 says:

    Charbax, have you noticed if the battery had a connector was soldered or brazed like the older models. I noticed the workers did not even touch bear ESD gloves, while the mainboard. I think their company does not have enough time to weigh the chances of potential errors vs. higher operating costs and lower profit margins.

  4. Charbax says:

    That’s the lame excuse tech companies, the Chinese government has their separation pay if the better-paid workers taxes. China wants to be paid their millions of factory workers better, they do not mind. Production will not delocalize outside China if wages are increased, no other “cheaper” country compete with China’s size and scope.

  5. Nick Yip says:

    Just noticed the description of the poster, Charbax. I do not believe that the proposal is feasible, you know business owners are all greedy in nature, if you give an extra $ 5, it will be only in the case of shareholders.

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