We offered Android fans 0 if their smartphones are faster on everyday things, like finding a restaurant and directions. newwp.it
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25 thoughts on “Android vs. Windows Phone: Which smartphone is Faster?

  1. MomokoakaAsh says:

    LOL I tried this yesterday with my girlfriend Xperia Arc (on Android 2.3 or 4.0, I did not check) and they do not have to write from the camera app a picture that she took only in facebook. She had to share just click and all the options, where (etc facebook, twitter, email) it. Was it because it was a Sony mobile phone? I do not know … On the other hand, when I tried to do it with my other friend’s iPhone 4S, it was only possible through MMS, email, Facebook or Twitter, but not to teilen.Nur Nokia or Sony for me XD

  2. groendjango says:

    aufleuchten.so the cruise control system and the device in combination it may be that if you have another android that faster ist.und otherwise. that the speed is not as important in this video

  3. rainxxxx says:

    yes a phone is faster than others can all get out of our cocks as long as the phone that suits you then that’s all that matters, that the delay in the video is just a social networker that being popular will get a life!

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