Google Nexus 7 Review

25 thoughts on “Google Nexus 7 Review

  1. chiefdounuts says:

    I have not done it yet but I look at some other posts for it, and it’s a way to increase tenfold the memory. Use the micro-USB and micro-USB-to-USB cable and connect it to an external hard drive. Not compact, but the person increased their storage for more than 2 TB in this way.

  2. TheFlyingSkarmory says:

    The U.S. launch date has not been confirmed. I would expect to see it come to market before Christmas time at an estimated $ 249.99 price tag. The 32GB version will be released soon in the UK.

  3. TheFlyingSkarmory says:

    Most HD movies are around 500MB-2GB. That should help with your estimate. I would advise that you wait until they release the 32GB version. It saves a lot more movies and content!

  4. XXB4XX says:

    Buy a OTG cable for $ 2 online, and download an app called Nexus Media Importer, this can in any USB flash drive, you can plug .. his, in my 32GB USB stick on my Galaxy Nexus.

  5. jamesbonello1 says:

    Anyone can share their own experiences about reading with the Nexus 7? I’m a college student, and I look forward to a tablet that also allows a good reading experience, as well as buy. I am in mathematics and computer science with a focus on if it even helps.

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