– The Huawei Ascend P1 is a surprisingly nice Android 4.0-powered smartphone, first to 2012 that we face at CES. It is equipped with a 4.3-inch, qHD resolution Super AMOLED touchscreen display and is powered by a dual-core, 1.5 GHz processor driven. It offers the user a high degree of workmanship and very nice to look at. Its 8-megapixel and relative stock of the Android user interface is to build safe, and please. More Info:

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44 thoughts on “Huawei Ascend P1 Android smartphone video review

  1. pabbro76 says:

    You have not told us about the “spy” tools in this bad boy hope only downunder not follow your government or we no longer Huawei either got my P1 for $ 400 in Oz, super fast bad boy

  2. Yeolde777 says:

    I read dozens of tests and seen all the video reviews on youtube of this phone, so I bought one online without checking first, into a business. Love it back on everything except the screen (!). Had to because it’s so grainy and a few pixels. You see it in simple texts and texts with symbols, very grainy. Why someone has taken this? They all say the screen is good and bright Super AMOLED etc.. but not how it actually looks mention.

  3. Paulo Tavares says:

    You are so right … its pathetic the battery life in each of these smartphones. I have. The lg 2x and gs2 if you use them for a whole day, as you are one lucky guy

  4. Baleur says:

    And a battery life of 2 hours, no doubt. I am so the only smartphone manufacturers constantly pushing more and more rubbish into their cell phones while battery life just keeps decreasing to the point almost the entire product unusable tired.

  5. 03newspring12 says:

    Smartphones are one of the most exciting accomplishments of the IT era.Although they vary by manufacturer, most of them can serve as a mobile phone, camera, organizer, and even mini-computers.You even e-books they can. Because they serve so many functions, there is no need for people to wear so many different electronic devices can be: the smartphone can be a substitute.

  6. 13break10 says:

    Many experts say that smartphones regretted very necessary for their busy lives, and that she even became emotionally attached to the devices.USPresident Barak Obama said, the fact that he refused to have his smartphone for security had after he had are, elected.One concern about smartphones is that they have a lot of data to an owner persoval appliance.If that device is lost or stolen, it cancause to concentrate a large number of problems.

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