“I Smartphone” is a video about the essay “I, Pencil” by Leonard Read wrote in 1958 based. “I Pencil” has a lasting impact on how we think has been made on the market. Why the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics care, like a smartphone is made, and why should we want you to worry? For God has given us. Market process as the most powerful tool that we live in a fallen world, to serve each other with our gifts Yes, that’s right. Smartphones allow thousands of people spread around the world in order to bring their gifts to serve people they do not know and probably will never know. Learn more at www.TIFWE.org CORRECTION: In the credits, the Foundation for Economic Education is incorrectly listed as the Foundation for Economics & Education.
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25 thoughts on “I Smartphone

  1. Coreadrin says:

    And yet, they have thousands of people turn every time FOXCONN opens its doors for another job fair. Unlike those of us who live within several generations (now eroding, thanks to the mass adoption chlidish legislatively-life mentality as yours) of almost-capitalism, these people are starving the opportunity and ready to work and save 40% of their income. Banning child labor in Thailand resulted in 300% + increase in child prostitution. Grow the hell up.

  2. xcvsdxvsx says:

    Magic is real people and it’s all around us, would this stuff marlin green with envy, yet for some reason most people do not see it. To think wallstreet occupy these people want to destroy magic thinking about me sick to my stomach.

  3. qed100 says:

    Leonard Read have bee called by God as a metaphor, but the sponsors of this video, it literally. Go to their website. They even have a connection with Biblical scripture wealth gap.

  4. Jose Sanchez says:

    So was Albert Einstein. So Peter Higgs, so any theoretical scientist, so all mathematicians. I think they would all be disturbed by your statement. And the nerve to think about. An erudite individual of reason 😉

  5. Jose Sanchez says:

    Religious propaganda? That makes no sense. That’s like saying, “Drink water!” is propaganda for water, or “Breath Air!” is propaganda for Air is not no such thing as religious propaganda, because we all have hopes, we all have beliefs that we all hold to some form of the meaning of this life. And if your life does not make sense, then I would hate to live in that kind of hell. “Believe in God” is religious propaganda? Give me a break. It’s not propaganda if its truth.

  6. Jose Sanchez says:

    No free exchange does not improve conditions for workers. When the government stepped back and allowed to do to people, what they are for, (make Created in the image of God, that is, create people, innovation to find solutions, such as “Daddy”), then the world is in fact a to create a better place were. The only government would we need the Ten Commandments is to live as a guideline in peace with God and with others. Which is, like the U.S., believe it or not started. It is time for us to preserve the roots.

  7. Jose Sanchez says:

    This video will help you understand that life is too complex to understand for a human being. Just as you do not spill milk and a map of London, you can not from your mother’s womb and getting a mobile phone from scratch. Similarly, it is impossible for a man to pop out of some primordial soup bowl. Or even for a monkey to move into a Average Joe that playing video games from 9-5. No matter how many “Planet of the Apes” movies you see, it is absolutely impossible.

  8. Jose Sanchez says:

    And what exactly is religion? Also, the idea that this whole thread gets a “thumbs down” is not an absolute fact. It is your mind, your thoughts, your “feeling” that this is a given “Thumbs Down.” And you had to bring your faith into this? tisk tisk … The basic element of a religion is faith. Religious faith is a protein amino acid. You are my friend cause of religion. and so do I. It is a foundation of life, of human existence. Deal with it.

  9. Jose Sanchez says:

    It’s ridiculous how fast “Evidence-only” followers are awed and amazed by the majesty and wonder of nature and what we can learn from them, while they shut down at the same time their ears from the simple method of persuasion that a Creator of life this Authored them.

  10. Jose Sanchez says:

    I think you missed the point of the video. Life is too complex for a single person or a group of people on their own monitor, let alone build a pencil, or even a smartphone. It is absolutely impossible. In fact, the whole “George Orwell 1984” is as archaic and obsolete, as the title. I rather believe in God than to believe that Big Brother and the Great “Eye” can keep track of all my thoughts words and actions keep. You must be eternal. I think that job title is already taken.

  11. sicstyl says:

    The development of a smart phone is the result of science. The development of a theory of how the earth / people is formed is the result of aggressive storytelling. Not science.

  12. prairiemom3 says:

    Do not forget, as this technology has exposed our lives the whole world and to all governments. Total surveillance a kind Orwell hardly credited is now possible, and we will? Our rights completely and voluntarily verlieren.Wahrscheinliche cause before the FBI rifle through your things and information It is to laugh.

  13. TheDefinitiveRoflmao says:

    You all missing the point with regard to God’s offer. Leonard Reed makes a backhand reference to Adam Smith’s invisible hand, which is why Reed mentioned ist.Es God has nothing to do with religion.

  14. trichome tetrahydron says:

    Ridiculous how fast people are religious to the progress of science praise shut down at the same time their ears to the scientific method to prove that the technology creates.

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