Nexus Q streams your favorite entertainment right from the cloud to your living room. Just use Google and YouTube Play Apps on your Android phone or tablet to surf an ocean of music, TV, movies and music, and all Nexus Q will play on the biggest screen and speakers in the house. There are no downloads, no synchronization, no shortage of space. Only the things that you love – at home and loud.
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25 thoughts on “Introduction Nexus Q

  1. Sergei Chudakov says:

    Надеюсь Nexus Q-всё таки выйдет, пусть и в обновлённом виде с Android 4.2 или 5.0, но это устройство обязано появиться в домах, т.к. подтолкнёт к дальнейшим исследованиям и разработке.

  2. phokutube says:

    You know how much smoke and drink misunderstand what I said just go read it again and then come back to me, eh? Where I said, it’s a speaker? Check yourself right before foul statements. I know what I can not say the same for you on, calling me a dumb look at yourself you miserable waste of space go take some classes to try before you sound like you know what you’re talking about, you reden.Sagen to your hi Mother for me yeah?

  3. DatGuyWithDaGlasses says:

    The problem with the nexus Q was that they selling this thing for $ 300, something that Apple TV can do for $ 200, and more features. I think a week or two before it was published the google nexus Q cold feet and stopped production, and set the nexus Q again. “Bad reviews and suggestions” on the drawing board by Anyone who already ordered it a nexus Q theres got free and called the Google Nexus S, the wurden.what a “beta version” of the published nexus mess

  4. lizpro says:

    You are correct. Apple TV “connect” both with a wireless router and an external hard drive. I want it all in one device. It has not yet been invented, but hopefully Apple is on it.

  5. kalmath100 says:

    Apple TV: 1) transfer music and movies from your mobile phone! 2) it has 8 GB of storage (Apple TV 2 had conditions) 160 GB. It also has a USB, so I think u can connect it to an external hard drive! 3) It can content from the iTunes Store, Netflix, play, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Flickr, iCloud,, NBA League Pass, NHL GameCenter.

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