For more information, check out our full comparison: PhoneArena gives a brief comparison of the Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II As you probably know, the new L-line of LG’s style conscious, so The L3 is really a very interesting product, as it should be both affordable and good looking at the same time. Yes, we saw dirt cheap Android smartphones in order, but what is dirt cheap and good-looking Android smartphones? The L3 is now up to us, if this kind of brew is possible or not …
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52 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 900 vs HTC Titan II

  1. IamKG87 says:

    how much does Nokia Lumia costs in European countries? I like Nokia Phones & wanted to buy it, but in our country it is 599 manat is approximately $ 763.just imagine.I must wait until costs are reduced

  2. Ishcoa says:

    At first I thought that I like better, the Titan 2 because of its larger screen, but after seeing the beautiful polycarbonate colored design on the 900 and its beautiful display with those deep, deep blacks, I have. My mind in an instant

  3. 1BMWdrvr1 says:

    Sir, I appreciate that even though you are a teenager, you’re not going to talk about on board the “ghetto”. Well done, good information, well presented … Cheers!

  4. J. W. says:
    style=”margin-bottom:0.5em;”> 180 of 182 people found the following review helpful:
     4.0 out of 5 stars from Optimus V unrooted user , 24 May 2012

    target = JW (CA USA) –


    This review is from: LG Optimus elite Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    1.Bigger Screen More noticeable than I expected, since it is only 0.3 inches larger on paper. Typing is a little better, but still difficult in portrait mode. Feels more colorful and vibrant, but that was just me (maybe I’m in “my new mobile wohoo” hallucination mode). Resolution is the same as V.
    2.Better processor/OS-200Mhz higher and Gingerbread 2.3 (SC 2.2)
    . Much less lag in apps. Desktop websites can better handle (with some delay) (Wifi recommended) with flash. Auto switching between portrait and landscape mode is much faster than V, so I actually turned it on as opposed to Big V. improve video playback. I have to download any additional codecs to play unconverted videos.
    3.Flash support phone is not powerful enough to handle large sites like daily show / colbert / etc in high resolutions (frozen video with audio only deal), but managed to South Park, video game sites, etc. Recommended for wifi connection.
    4.Slimmer design-expected, that there is no big deal for me, but once I found it I can definitely feel the thinness of it compared to V.
    5.Better Camera 5 megapixel vs 3 , supported with LED flash. Flash is bright enough to take good pictures in dark settings. (In-doors anyway), and the camera auto Focuses during camera mode (or you can manually focus by touching the screen) V autofocused after pressing the shutter button is such elite pictures 3 ~ times faster. It is almost instantaneous. Also has micro-mirror for self-portrait.
    6.Bigger memory for apps-only ~ 900MB for apps. Even more room to move when you (supports apps, App2SD) your applications.
    7.Better/louder sound sound coming from the speakers when you listen in on the phone (I do not know what it means. Earspeaker?). It is louder, and more importantly (for me anyway), you can listen to music while the phone up. OV sound output was at the back, so often times, I either put down or rejected V it somewhere to hear it at full volume. No longer elite.
    8.GPS addiction me faster than V. Google Map is much smoother than V.
    9.Supports more 3D Games Champion goals are to play. Have not tested this since I do not care for them, but they are in contrast to V.
    10.Faster MicroSD
    speed loads up images much faster than V.

    11.NFC support Paypass credit card. It might be useful if I forgot my wallet at home, but not many shops Paypass actually. I’ve seen a lot of Mcdonald and gas stations. Cons

    1.Shorter battery life This can YMMV, possibly, depending on what have you downloaded apps.
    I’m mostly using the same apps I used on V, and the battery life seems to 1.5 / 2 times worse on elite. Without JuiceDefender, Elite sucks up 3-6% per hour in standby. V consumed mostly 10 ~% per hour with 3G/WiFi, while elite to 15-20% per hour. Now I’m with Elite with JD, and turned off everything (including location data and background data).
    2.No tethering. Load no tethering apps / widgets. There are reports that phone data will permanently give error, the user reset the phone to Virgin Mobile customer service. V supported applications such Foxfi (which I will miss because I comboed with my tablet).
    3.Volume key Twice less than V, and they are on the opposite side. Get used hard.
    4.3g not return as soon as V, so that JuiceDefender to use little annoying. Maybe I was not getting good reception. YMMV.
    1.Speedtest-No noticeable difference. Typical sprint speed. YMMV.
    2.Physical design-rear battery cover is made of plastic (V was rubberish), making it a bit slippery in order to keep from time to time. This front with touch buttons (V was physical buttons) combined, occasionally I have. At the end touching the buttons on the front by accident YMMV. No dedicated camera key. Tiny mirror next to the camera lens makes it easier for self portrait image, but found no dedicated camera key on V style lifts the mirror benefits.
    3.Haven ‘t found a way to disable shutter sound while taking pictures. Silent Mode / media will not do anything, this is bad for those who want to take pictures without alerting others.
    Final Thoughts feels and performs like higher end phone to compare V, to poor battery life. I honestly can not recommend it for all Virgin Mobile users, however, because each situation is different. There are those who want to keep $ 25 grandfathered plan (which no longer qualify this phone). It is HTC Evo V/3D short, which has better specs twice at twice the cost. Sprint 4G/Wimax no good cover for those who are interested in upgrading to HTC Evo / $ 35 per month plan are.
    PS English is my second language, so go easy on the grammar check. This review is coming from nonrooter.

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  • Mogelijk says:
    style=”margin-bottom:0.5em;”> 51 of 51 people found the following review helpful:
     5.0 out of 5 stars Nice upgrade from the Optimus V , 24 May 2012

    target = mogelijk (Somewhere, USA) –


    This review is from: LG Optimus Elite Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    This so far seems to be a very solid phone. It has several advantages over the Optimus V including Android 2.2 instead of the Optimus V, more memory, a slightly larger screen (3.5 “vs 3.2”) and a faster processor 2.3.
    In terms of memory, the phone comes with 900 MB of memory, which is free (as compared to about 150 MB on the Optimus V). In addition to 2 GB of memory in a separate “partition” to be treated as if it is an SD card apps, including moving it can be. While the phone does not come with a microSD card, there is a microSD card slot inside the back cover, which can be used for even more storage space.
    While the specifications for the phone report it’s a 800 MHz processor, reports via the Internet (which I do with my phone with Quadrant confirms) that currently ships the phone with a processor speed of 1 GHz, a nice upgrade.
    In terms of connectivity, the phone. seems to compare well with the Optimus V, receiving strong cellular and data signals, as well as the GPS satellites quickly find
    For the price, this phone is hard to beat, although those who have a high-end Phone Virgin Mobile want the Evo 4G.

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  • StaticReign "Craig O." says:
    style=”margin-bottom:0.5em;”> 56 of 57 people found the following review helpful:
     5.0 out of 5 stars really love this phone , 31 May 2012

    target = StaticReign” Craig O. ” (Utah County, Utah) –


    review is ( What is it )
    This review is from: LG Optimus Elite Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    Share the product was quickly in quality retail packaging enable easy and fast. (I have not port a number, just a new one)
    to my previous phone, a Motorola Droid (original) comparison -.
    well –
    – The phone is much faster, you can tell when it reacts to opening programs, receive GPS navigation instructions, really in every respect
    – The phone speaker (speaker) provides amazing clarity what it is
    -. As speaker / speaker is so loud when it was all the way, it makes for a better alarm than the Droid
    – Load The Web is (at least for me) to open really quickly – show results, with overall very satisfied Surfing pleased
    – Voice Dictation / Recognition works AWESOME – I would say even a bit better than the Moto Droid, which really great with this – The battery seems to last longer, at least for now, even after messing. with cell phones, apps, downloads, etc. for about an hour, the battery was still almost full
    -. The phone is very light – would could actually be a bad thing (I could see myself falling leave a little easier)
    Not so good –
    – The SMS part is a bit harder on this than on the Moto Droid – by it should also be noted that most of these drawbacks are – there are some minor issues, but To use the phone more and more and more used to it, to overcome it (For example, on the Droid, exclamation mark, question mark, period, comma, etc. -. would after each “room” in case you wanted a set .. The phone requires me to press and hold end are offered on one of the letters to get the same result) No big deal, I just slowed down a bit
    Another important note -.. When I / activating this phone w Virgin Mobile, I was insurance available on the phone for $ 5 a month. You also mentioned the deductible would be $ 25, and I was able to redeem this twice a year. I’m finding, because it is cheaper than listed some locations on Virgin Mobile which Insurance is
    For the price of the phone and the plan -. $ 50.00 per month for 1200 minutes talk, unlimited data and unlimited text – ‘acquired’ it’s hard to feel – it’s a great feeling increasingly away . of the big companies “V”

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