Smart Phones for stupid Phonies - iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3. Is this what our culture is now? Two hordes or pretentious nitwits arguing about the huge group makes the phone better represents who they are as people? *** BUY STUFF: SHIRT (limited quantities) “Peace the F — OUT”: My Links: Subscribe to my channel: My Blog: My facebook: My twitter: *** Most music and sound effects by: Royalty Free Music by sound effects of Additional Music by: or Kevin MacLeod, Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 By
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American Psycho Smartphone - Funny Christian Bale parody

Smartphone American Psycho – Comedy Christian Bale (The Dark Knight Rises the current fame) Parody with iPhone 4S, Galaxy S3, HTC One X One & HTC S. The classic business card scene updated for Patrick Bateman 2012 with the latest Apple & Android.

49 thoughts on “Smart Phones for stupid Phonies – iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

  1. Hunter Romero says:

    lol … watching people speak maliciously about things they have no understanding brings me to Lachen.Stick To Your Guns TAA. Yes, the rivalry between the two fanboys is pretty stupid, but if you continue to think about how the consumer can not complain that the things they buy say no features they want … only … lol

  2. AnythingVCR says:

    They insulted, because their whole identity on some bullshit phone that are obsolete in five years beruht.Sie ​​not want to lose its identity if it is outdated, they spend another $ 500 on another phone, the five werden.Es overtaken years the ultimate revenue is fraud, because it is a cycle.

  3. YellsItLikeItIs says:

    LOL. TJ guessed what was the ad video for this video … yes teh samsun comericail, LMAO. That’s how it got 3 million times. It’s an AD. To get more views cause the make youtube we do not get a look. An election for 10 seconds or less

  4. threeheadedcorpse says:

    I think you are demanding douche bag … if you are a fucking grown up in the real world and everything you do is youtube videos, bitching about shit, no matter, you clearly. too much time on your hands They are the # 1 douche, congratulations.

  5. Gregg Lonsdale says:

    I’ve actually had people that I still have an iPhone 3 (although I have to tell them it was a 3, not as you can tell by the things). but then they were mostly tosspots

  6. paulo scum says:

    find work in the iPhone on a superficial Lavel but my main concern with apple shit is just that it is not in any true sense of individual … it only comes in pink … it is not a wise personsd fon … simply because you can fuck with and use it to shit a droid you can do .. like backtrack 5 Touch running as an operating system … I do not think that’s prtentious and a significant reason why samsung launches iphone as the tchnology piec …

  7. paulo scum says:

    to nice vid! … It’s not the phone or the advertising … her, what can be done with a mobile phone … samsung hand set, the operating system may be replaced: D! ok let technology a big part of who you’ve become … But what if who you are … fundimentally is a music producer, a computer hacker … sombody who will be playing with the technology in intresting ways … etc

  8. Imranrulezz says:

    Nope. With 50,000 more crappy apps do not help if Google has more free apps, developer support and open access to foreign markets. How can you even enjoy apps on such a small screened under-powered device anyways?

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