Some nice SmartPhones images I found:

Soda Hall abacus with laptop and smartphone
image of Derrick Coetzee
The abacus reads 246913578, the result of addition in the Übungen.Smartphone is a Nokia E71. It has a Google page with a query adding loaded 123456789 + 123456789 = 246913578, the same calculation on the abacus in the exercises gemacht.Der laptop, an HP Pavilion dv8t has open Mathematica, and the display of the general solution for a quartic polynomial . CC0 Waiver. As far as possible under the law, I waive all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work

Bloglines Mobile on my phone
image of Josh Bancroft
I think with my RSS subscriptions at any time, anywhere and with Bloglines Mobile on my Audiovox SMT5600 Windows Mobile Smartphone.

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