Today we are announcing a series of Sony Xperia ™ smartphones joining the 2012 line up – Xperia ™ J, T and Xperia ™ Xperia ™ V. Finally, the Xperia ™ J combines eye-catching design with a large “, is FWVGA screen, a 5 MP AF camera and social media updates with lighting The Xperia ™ t our new flagship smartphone, and it includes Sony HD best smartphone screen -. a 4.6 “4.0 HD Reality display with Mobile-based BRAVIA ® Engine, and Best Cinematography – a 13 MP camera quickly capture that comes out of sleep mode to snap up in a little over a second. It comes with Android 4.0 (ICS), a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor for better battery life, high performance and crisp graphics and has one-touch connectivity via NFC (Near Field Communication) for easy pairing between NFC enabled devices. And yeah … Xperia ™ t will have as James Bond in the upcoming Smartphone Release Skyfall. The Xperia ™ V is a sleek and durable (dustproof and waterproof) smartphone with a 4.3 “HD Reality display, 13mp fast capture camera and PlayStation ®-certified. It has LTE connectivity for the fastest download speeds (in markets where the technology is available). Xperia ™ V is also the first Sony smartphone to use the Mobile BRAVIA ® Engine 2 for crisp clarity, and the first to Clearaudio use + for the ultimate in sound quality. For to learn more about these phones!

Xperia ™ - shaping our smartphones

Designing the latest Xperia smartphone is about to introduce, with you in the future eye. Of the perfect fit in your hand, to the best display for you to view your photos and movies in soul-shaking sound clarity for your favorite music. Iconic design. Xperia smartphones.
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49 thoughts on “Sony’s new Xperia ™ smartphones series – J Xperia, Xperia Xperia T and V

  1. Epiphone1981 says:

    I love the sony phones, I think the T is the best. same size as the V but the V has a smaller screen. The T is a bit faster in use, even when taking photos. and a long life battery.The J is a budget phone is not bad, but it’s not as powerful as the other. But all good looking phones.

  2. an4564 says:

    Does anyone think that their songs mid-range mobile phones the best? I mean, look at the P, it has everything that the south had, but with a metal back and better screen. Now they have the V waterproof lte 720p at 4.3 “, so that each high ppi

  3. NewOrleansKnight91 says:

    It’s really either this or the TX ………. the TX really is more “complete” ………. from a phone with a 4.5 in screen and a 1.3 front facing camera V has a 0.3 MP front camera, BUT, it is really waterproof! Both have removable batteries and SD slots ……. So the TX and V are definitely more of a flagship than the T. ……..

  4. yvenjayden2009 says:

    No editing for homescreens? So again stuck with a lot of useless space! You can not even choose to have 3 home screens or 2. Android was ment to have a free choice on your phone, right? Anynody into a worthless piece of aluminum, plastic parts called P Xperiment interested?

  5. yvenjayden2009 says:

    History repeats. Sony made the same mistake as with Walkman and Cybershot phones. The telephone is good for music, but for the other photos. Sony, we are in a recession! Just bring out 1 phone with all specifications. Just like Apple. Wait until everything is ready and bring a cell phone. In this way, the iPhone will hold value and the Sony A, B, C. .. T, TX etc are worth nothing within 2 months. Never a Somy again!

  6. Ooze27 says:

    I love the mobile phone design, I can not say anything about the UI since I was a Sony Ericsson not only sony, I assume they were changing things around. But the update of the phones? Not only happen once the update and with it? I’m curious because I’m very interested in the new line

  7. mathburn1 says:

    Want Xperia J should not be here, because specs lower than Sony Ericsson Xperia 2011.Why T / TX are can not, Bravia Engine 2 as Sony Xperia Xperia V.Look as a flagship V BE2, Bluetooth 4.0, its not available Xperia T / TX.

  8. mathburn1 says:

    MHL stands for HTC Sensation and Galaxy S II, it is not popular enough, because it requires adapter.If Sony include MHL adapter included, it’s okay, but not mini HDMI is more efficient.

  9. SonyXperia says:

    The Xperia ™ T is in some countries. Please contact to confirm your local Sony Mobile office when. Precise information about when and where it must go in your country -Josh

  10. Vignesh M says:

    Josh, please let me know. Estimated date of publication of this new series I look forward to buy Xperia J. If their release date is gonna take a while, I would opt for v. sola or Neo. Please reply.

  11. EmmaStarShoe says:

    Honestly! Sony are real designer, not to steal designs from other like Apple and those is true Sony fashion, thats why i have sony phone and i dont what people say, the design, unique and above all i cant the PlayStation 4 is coming! 😉 And I want the phone to, I have a one xperia ray look good.

  12. camelCased says:

    Only you can optimize your software to get rid of several bugs that people have listed on your site message boards. Especially the camera limitation – what’s the point of the big camera when the camera software compresses the image bad …

  13. Metroidvania1981 says:

    I like the design, but Sony has some serious Probleme1 you) are releasing 4 is almost identical to force phones to the market to compete with themselves for sales and thus lowering Gewinne.2) The specs are about the same as the Galaxy S3 that has been for months and months and a new version sooner rather than later) bekommen.3 to you terminate this now but that is only after the iPhone 5, which can not help, its revenues will look like this phone appear bland until then .

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