Feel the need for speed? Great games, super-fast browsing, fast downloads. Slim, sleek and durable, can Xperia V you can do what you want without the wait. Take great photos in all lighting conditions, to listen to music in the soul-shaking clarity and enjoy a viewing experience as reality on the 720p HD display, all in a waterproof smartphone, you can not resist.
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25 thoughts on “Xperia ™ V – The Ultimate LTE smartphone experience

  1. SonyXperia says:

    We do not market-specific information for this phone at the moment. The information so far is that this phone will launch worldwide in the 4th Quarter of this year. -Josh

  2. Akash Pat says:

    ya really ….. bcoz architecture has great impact on the speed …. but now mobile phones with this S4 (Krait) Archi. also come in quad-core LG optimus as G (faster than) .. but none of them are water resist … n V is still great …. n his speed is more than enough ….

  3. mistaflake says:

    I saw a rumor, it is not official: (I just hope it’s better then the iPhone 5 and especialy the lumia 920, i really do not like WP8 xx I’m going to save up a new mobile phone is Sony this year. .

  4. angelo mark says:

    It’s official that there xperia Nexus in the near future? if so. . I’ve gotta start saving now. I already sold my Galaxy nexusund waiting on the xperia T.. . But if what I called xperia Nexusdann I do not mind waiting a little longer 🙂

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