Give your hard floors a shiny, sanitized clean* with the variable, digital steam control.

Armed with the handy, flip-down Easy Scrubber, you can thoroughly clean tough messes.

Clean sticky, dried on spots 2X faster than the leading steam mop with a built-in Easy Scrubber, while experiencing whole-room freshness from the optional scent discs.

Now clean, sanitized floors are a simple steam away. (* when used as directed)

What’s in the box 1 – PowerFresh™ Steam Mop
1 – Soft, microfiber mop pad
1 – Scrubby microfiber mop pad
2 – Spring Breeze fragrance discs Eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria
Feel confident in sanitized floors when you clean with steam. When used as directed, you get a great, all-natural clean.

Clean sticky, dried-on spots 2X faster than the leading steam mop
Easily cuts through tough messes with the power of steam, leaving a shiny, streak-free clean behind.

SmartSet digital, variable steam control
Getting the clean that fits your needs is as simple as the push of a button with low, medium, or high steam settings.

Built-in, flip-down Easy Scrubber
Power through spots and deep-clean crevices with the easy-to-use, attached scrubber.

Spring Breeze fragrance discs
Enjoy a great-smelling clean with the included fragrance discs. Or use your steam mop without. Either way, you get a great clean.

Accessorize Your Steam Mop

Shop Parts & Supplies for your Steam Mop.

Two-Year Limited Warranty

Feel confident in your purchase with a warranty that covers defective or malfunctioning parts for two years.


Why should I use steam to clean floors?
BISSELL steam mop hard-floor cleaners clean and sanitize your floors (when used as directed) without the use of harsh chemicals. Once plugged in, our steam mops can be ready to go in as little as 30 seconds, giving you a convenient way to handle everyday messes while killing many invisible germs and bacteria in only 15 seconds of continuous contact. It’s a natural way to clean your hard floors without leaving sticky residue, dirty water, or streaking.

How do I use a steam mop to sanitize my floor? By holding the steam mop in place for 15–20 seconds, you can sanitize your floors by killing germs such as E. coli and salmonella when used as directed.

How easy is it to maintain BISSELL steam mops? BISSELL steam mops require only minimal maintenance. The replaceable filter protects the heater and pump from impurities that might be found in your tap water. The filter should be changed when the beads change from green to blue in color. If you find the beads are changing quickly, this is due to the hardness of your water. To maximize performance of the filter in your steam mop cleaner, you might want to use distilled water. The microfiber mop pads are reusable and machine washable.

How long will it take my steam mop to heat up? The steam mop is ready to clean in approximately 30 seconds. When the indicator light on the front of the unit comes on, you’re ready to clean. During the first use, however, it might take a little longer to begin steaming, as the water needs to flow through the filter to the heater. This delay will only occur during the initial use or when using a new filter.

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  1. M. Erb says:

    Easy to handle, excellent cleaning and sanitizing of hard floors, even sealed hard-wood floors UPDATE: 7/29/2013 – A few people were asking how long the steam mop will operate on a tank of water so I ran a test. I filled the tank, put it on high steam output and it ran continuously for 15 minutes. So there you have it. It would presumably run for a bit longer at lower steam settings.—The Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop is a very easy to handle and effective tool to clean and sanitize hard floors. By hard floors, I mean ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, marble, stone and sealed hard wood floors. Concerning hard wood floors, you would be well-advised to try it in a small inconspicuous area first to ensure your floor can handle the heat and steam. Some “sealed” hard-wood floors may be less tolerant of the heat and steam which could have negative consequences.The Steam Mop is something a little different than what I was accustomed to using previously to clean my floors. Unlike other devices, this does not use soap,…

  2. L. T. Beasimer "" says:

    Back To The Basics: A BISSELL Powerfresh White Steam Mop 1940 Review I don’t like old fashioned mops, as they clean surface dirt but I don’t think they effectively kill bacteria. I’m not opposed to using chemicals, but prefer not to when I can reasonably avoid doing so. So I’ve progressed from avoiding mops as much as I could, to using a Swiffer mop, then finally opting to use a steam mop. I prefer the steam mop over the other two.The Bissell Powerfresh steam mop, made in China, features includes an easy scrubber, 23 ft power cord, two washable Microban microfiber mop pads, and a two year limited warranty. The box contains the handle, lower body, mop head, fragrance discs, and two mop pads. The SmartSet steam control provides three settings from light to medium, and sanitizes with steam to kill 99.9% bacteria, and is safe to use on marble, ceramic, stone, vinyl, laminate, linoleum, and sealed hardwood floors.Assembly requires snapping the main pieces together and screwing the handle into place. To use, put on a mop pad,…

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