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The Scoop

For all the coffee drinkers and aficionados who despise the long café lines, dread the overwhelming coffee options or need a fix for those early morning caffeine pains – fear no more! There’s finally an affordable, low-maintenance coffeemaker that can brew basic or premium-roast coffee in a fraction of the cost as the coffeehouse: The Two-Way Brewer.

With stainless steel durability and twice the brewing options as other leading coffeemakers, the Two-Way Brewer doubles as a compact single-serve coffeemaker for everyday personal enjoyment and a full 12-cup pot machine. Whether it’s 7:00 AM or a late-night indulgence, this two-for-the-price-of-one coffeemaker lets coffee drinkers decide the right size to start their day and enjoy the best convenience for their schedule.

If simplifying your morning wake-up routine is a top priority, then rise and shine with the “single-serve side” which can brew a standard-size cup or travel mug-size cup for solo enjoyment. If entertaining or serving more than one coffee drinker is your preference, simply switch to the “carafe side” and let the Two-Way Brewer make a full 12-cup pot. So much in so little space, the Two-Way Brewer provides twice the brewing options using less space on your countertop than two separate coffee machines.

PRODUCT FEATURE BENEFITS Two ways to brew — single cup or full 12-cup glass carafe14-oz. stainless steel travel mug with lid and 12-cup glass carafe includedStandard-size “single-serve side” water reservoir for easy, one-time filling “Carafe-side” water reservoir with extra-large capacity and measurement markings “Single-serve side” Brew Basket comes with a mesh filter to hold ground coffee or pre-packaged soft pods “Single-serve side” multilevel cup rest adjusts/stacks to fit all cup and mug sizesPod holder snaps onto the single-serve brew basket to hold soft pods Brew strength selector for brewing REGULAR or BOLD preferred flavor/strengthControl panel and display, with hour and minute buttons to program the brewing time up to 24 hours beforehandEquipped with programmable timer with 2-hour automatic shutoff Two-Way Brewing Options

Whichever way you decide to brew, the Two-Way Brewer lets you do both. For a single cup when you’re on the go, the “single-serve side” lets you add grinds directly into the mesh filter that fits the brew basket or insert a soft pod with the pod holder. For the stronger caffeine fixes or on days you want to enjoy cup-after-cup without brewing each time, the “carafe-side” makes a full 12-cup pot for your drinking disposal. And if you forget to turn it off, no worries. The Two-Way Brewer’s nonstick, keep-hot plate retains the piping-hot coffee after brewing and shuts off automatically after two hours

Brew in Advance and Wake Up to Hot Coffee

Want to sleep in for five more minutes? Go ahead, get some more beauty sleep and take advantage of the built-in, programmable clock and timer. Its hour and minute features let you program your ideal coffee-drinking time up to 24 hours in advance.

Brewing with Soft Pods

No time for measuring or scooping? Prefer the convenience of quickly dropping in a pre-packaged, pre-flavored pod? The Two-Way Brewer is designed with a pod holder that brews any brand of soft pod coffee and still gives coffee drinkers the complete sensory experience of tasting freshly ground coffee, without the hassle of messy grinds or exact measuring.

For coffee lovers who live for the pleasure of roasting their own beans every day, this Two-Way Brewer offers an added bonus for the extra effort. Equipped with a Brew Strength Selector, you can you choose REGULAR and give your tastebuds the simplicity of standard medium-grind coffee, or you can go BOLD and select a decaf, finer grind or a premium roast brand, such as Starbucks or Melitta for richer flavor.

About Beans, Grounds and Soft Pods*

Did you know that there are four factors that can dramatically reduce a coffee’s freshness? Oxygen, moisture, heat and light. Keep in mind that because less of its surface area is exposed to air, whole bean coffee typically stays fresh longer than ground coffee. According to the National Coffee Association of USA, it’s recommended that brewers should ration out individual amounts of coffee to grind and brew every time, to preserve its freshness and ensure better-tasting coffee. *Source: 2010, National Coffee Association, USA, Inc.


Remember, the Two-Way Brewer unit will only brew one side at a time. For a particular preference, simply switch the lever left or right. The unit can be used with any soft pod coffee brand, available in the coffee aisle of your local grocery store, or with any loose coffee grounds. The Two-Way Brewer is not compatible with the K-Cup pack.

When in doubt about freshness, look for a “use by” date on the package or follow the online recommendations of your coffee brand. To avoid overflow of ground coffee, use slightly less coffee when brewing decaf or flavored brands. For hotter coffee: rinse the travel mug with warm water; then replace with travel mug lid and brew directly into the travel mug with lid in place. Remember, adding cold milk or cream to your coffee can affect the heat. First, warm milk or cream before adding to ensure the hottest cup.

3 thoughts on “Hamilton Beach 49980A 2-Way Single Serve Brewer and Coffee Maker

  1. Oscarmom says:

    Finally, great coffeemaker! Have had this coffeemaker for a few weeks and am extremely pleased. Very simple to operate, makes super hot coffee and love the idea of making a pot or just a mug/travel mug. The single serve side utilizes Senseo pods which are quite good and easy to find in my grocery store. You can also use non-pod coffee so options are limitless. It took me a lot of time to find the perfect coffeemaker for my household – some of the reviews are scary (flooded kitchens). I absolutely love this coffeemaker – and since I can also make just a cup of very hot tea, this has everything I could need.

  2. Rl Cipriani "Flo" says:

    I think I am in LOVE.. finally some one LISTENED to what we wanted !! just retired a $300 High price FANCY Coffee maker …with all the bells and whistles on it., to the garage…… It made the WORSE cup of coffee I have had in years… Instant tastes better…So I wasn’t expecting to fall IN LOVE ……………… Well Hamilton Beach … I LOVE YOU and YOUR DESIGNERS. You listened to the people and what they hate and what they Love.. And married them .. To make this lovely item to grace my KitchenTHANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…………………………………………………………………..I have been on a quest to find a Coffee maker that meets my requirements.SIMPLE AS THEY ARE :#1 makes a HOT CUP OF COFFEE that TASTES GREAT#2 Carafe pours without dripping and doesn’t have to be tipped upside down to get the coffee out#3 Easy to set up without needed a Learners Manual to run it#4 Clean up is easy*********On the wish list but NEVER expecting to find it ,was the single cup function…

  3. M. Anderson says:

    Just what the late night coffee drinker ordered! I’m only an owner of the product for 1 day, however I have brewed 6 single serves and 1 pot and so far, it works as described.What I really loved about this machine was/is the concept. However, when I was deciding to purchase, I thought that it required the Senseo pads for the Single cup brew as there was very little info in the product features.After receiving it, I was pleasantly surprised that the single cup brewing contained a little permanent filter that can be used with standard coffee grinds, awesome don’t need to pay for the Senseo if I don’t want to. It also came with a pack of 18 senseo pads as well.Last night was perfect test of the single cup concept. I had already programmed and prepped my 7AM standard coffee brew, however I still wanted a cup of coffee (this happens often). So I switched over to the single cup and brewed my cup, then switched back and pressed the program button to ensure it would still brew the main pot at 7am…

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