Oster FPSTBW8207 Choose from 3 fashionable colors (each sold separately). Oster FPSTBW8207

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Celebrate the Moment in Sophisticated Style

There’s just something about opening a bottle of wine. The ceremonial quality of removing the cork truly indicates it’s time to unwind. Whether relaxing solo after a long day at the office or hosting an intimate dinner soiree or holiday party, Oster’s electric wine bottle opener makes it easy to start the evening off in sophisticated style.

Effortlessly Opens a Wine Bottle in Seconds

Designed to fit all traditional wine bottles, the electric wine bottle opener offers the same portable, cordless convenience as other wine bottle openers, but with the added benefit of sleek presentation and fast, effortless performance, opening a bottle in a matter of seconds. Fast, zero-effort cork removal ultimately means more time to spend with guests. Sipping wine, visiting with friends–Oster helps make it happen.

Note: images below are of the Silver model.

Open a Wine Bottle in 3 Easy Steps

Oster FPSTBW8207 Foil cutter removes wine seal. View larger Oster FPSTBW8207 Wine bottle opener penetrates cork. View larger Oster FPSTBW8207 One simple switch removes cork from bottle. View larger Simple Push-Button Operation

Before removing the cork, any foil seal covering the cork must be removed first. A handy foil cutter comes included making the task quick and easy.

To use the electric wine bottle opener, place it on top of a wine bottle, making sure it remains in an upright position and not at an angle to the bottle. A single operating switch ensures foolproof operation from here. Simply press the lower part of the switch to start. The unit’s corkscrew spiral will turn to enter the cork, then it will gradually remove the cork from the bottle, stopping once the cork has been fully removed from the bottle. Lift the electric wine bottle opener away from the bottle, and remove the cork by pressing the upper part of the switch–the spiral turns in the opposite direction to release the cork. Voila. Let the pouring begin.

Opens up to 30 Bottles on a Full Charge

Measuring 2-1/4 inches in diameter by 10-3/4 inches tall, the electric wine bottle opener provides an ergonomically designed, soft-grip handle that fits in the palm of your hand for a firm grip. Other highlights include an LED charging light on the top of the unit and a power indicator light on the base, which offers a small footprint that takes up minimal space on a kitchen counter, bar, table, or buffet. When not in use, return the electric wine bottle opener to its charging base. A full recharge takes about six to eight hours. Fully charged, it can open approximately 30 bottles of wine.

Available in a Silver, Merlot or Champagne finish, the electric wine bottle opener makes a great gift idea for that wine lover on your list.

Oster FPSTBW8207 Convenient, cordless design with push-button operation and charging base. View larger

What’s in the Box

Electric wine bottle opener, foil cutter, charging base, power adapter, user manual

3 thoughts on “Oster FPSTBW8207-S Electric Wine Bottle Opener, Silver

  1. J. Powell says:

    What a great product! Will save me time and strain on my hand. This is my first video review of a product, and the very first time I used this product. It’s a simple product to use, and works well.UPDATE 6/16/2009I must say, while the product works as indicated in the video, about a month ago, I heard a loud “crack”, and the corkscrew simply broke off inside the unit. I took the unit apart to see if I could do a quick repair and there was no easy way to do that.Based on that shoddy construction, and it only lasting less than a year, I can’t really fully endorse this product.

  2. hyytekk says:

    A marvel of low tech As a person who loathes cheap, clutter, infomercial widgets I bought this out or sheer curiosity imagining it would be returned the same day. This opener is large, requires an electric plug and takes up counter space. But to my surprise it works amazingly well. There is a foil cutter that is stored in the base. The screw enters cleanly and seems to eliminate broken and shredded corks which can be frustrating. Hold the button again and the cork emerges from the device and drops out. I always liked my sturdy and simple stainless steel opener. But this turned out to be a keeper. It’s design is contemporary and clean, although it looks like it should do something more profound than just pull a cork. It’s also a conversation piece provoking smiles from guests. A pleasant surprise, highly recommended and especially so for a person who lacks hand or wrist strength.

  3. Lisa Shea "be the change you wish to see in t... says:

    Nice Idea – Poor Long Term Usefulness I really had high hopes for the Oster. We open a bottle of wine a day – sometimes more if we’re having friends over. As a wine reviewer, I have numerous wine corkscrews and devices in my home to do this with. I have always searched for something easy and quick.This is a tall device – maybe a foot long – that you need to keep charged up. When you are ready to use it, you lower that cylinder over the wine cork and push a button. It draws the cork up and out of the bottle, fully removing it from the cork. Then you push the opposite button for the cork to eject from the device.It works well enough for a few runs – but then it quickly loses its traction. I have had this for a year now and keep hoping that it will start working again. It doesn’t. The worm will go maybe halfway into a cork and then jam. It will stop turning. It works better with natural cork, and pretty much not at all for anything else.Also, because the worm goes all the way through the…

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