We at India Ethnicity are devoted in keeping ancient art forms alive while rewarding the talented artisans, which include women, with a better life.

A beautiful textured, handy, artistic rosewood jewellery box set of 3 exquisitely adorned with detailed floral carving on its surface. The inside of the box is layered with red velvet thereby ensuring its contents remain scratch free as well as adding to its charm.

The box is made by artisans from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India which is internationally famous for this craft and its artisans who have been creating magic with the material for years by ‘breathing life into dead trees’, as they proudly put it.

Not only is the box beautiful, but also has great utility for storing jewelry & smaller accessories. If you are looking for a special gift or a beautiful way to organize your jewelry, this is perfect for you.

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