The World’s First HD Short-throw 3D Projector. The W710ST Short Throw projector delivers a 63″ image at just 39 inches from the screen – allowing you to enjoy movies and games in just about any size room. The W710ST is the world’s first short-throw projector to offer 720p high definition resolution for home entertainment. A brightness level of 2500 ANSI lumens delivers optimum picture performance. An ultra-high contrast ratio of 10,000:1 enhances every picture with razor-sharp details and superbly rendered image definition. BenQ transforms your audiovisual entertainment with industry-leading 3D technologies, DLP Link and NVIDIA 3D Vision, bringing the 3D movie experience into your home. HDMI is the highest connection standard for a high definition picture, and now you have a dual HDMI interface to enjoy more without having to swap cables each time you want to view digital content from a second source. A special cooling technology is incorporated into the W710ST to prevent the lamp from overheating, lowering the cost for lamp replacement significantly. The lamp life is further extended to up to 6000 hours using the Eco Mode. Actual lamp life may vary due to different environment conditions and usage. BenQ’s DLP projector engine design reduces the cooling time by over 60% and lowers the power consumption to 1W while the projector is inactive with the Standby Mode on. With the DLP filter-free design, you get to save the cost and hassles of filter maintenance and replacement all together – and get better projection quality, too. The DLP engine is virtually immune to color decay, delivering an extended lifespan of reliable color performance without developing a yellow or green tint overtime. Snow-white and exquisitely finished with a stylish contour, the W710ST is designed to compliment any living space. Comes with the following accessories: Remote Control with Battery, Power Cord, User Manual CD, Quick Start Guide, VGA(D-sub 15pin) Cable

2 thoughts on “BenQ W710ST Short Throw HD DLP Home Theater Projector (White/black)

  1. W710ST says:

    The BenQ W710ST projector: First Impressions… Update 5/4/13: With about 70 hours on the clock, still very satisfied. Added Sony BDP-S390 Blu-ray player with wifi. Works like a charm. And it takes full advantage of the 710’s HD capabilities. Also constructed a 4 by 8 frame with a white sheet stretched and stapled at the sides of the frame (no longer projecting on a wall). On the back side of the screen is black landscape fabric stretched and stapled at the sides to keep light from reflecting back from the wall. This also works well. But the sheet I’m using is a cheap, low thread count so I can see the weave if looking closely. A good quality white bed sheet (with a high thread count) should work much better, providing a sharper image. The benefit of the “sheet method” is a very light-weight screen with a straight and flat face. Just don’t let your cat (and his claws) anywhere near it.Here’s the bad: I have a few persistent dust blobs. They are very noticeable when scenes go to black. I don’t know if my 710 was…

  2. lpetra says:

    BenQ W710ST Short Throw HD DLP Home Theater Projector Purchased this projector to watch movies and sports in a small living room and bedroom setting. My first choice was a Viewsonic 8200 1080p, however I just didn’t have the living space to fit the the long throw distance. So I settled for the BenQ w710, even though the projector is 720p the image is vibrant and sharp using the preset theater, living room, or bright settings. I haven’t had the need to use any of the 3 user setting because the image is just perfect out of the box. The colors being projected are very much like my lg300 led projector except much brighter and sharper. I have tried the projector using a portable 100″ screen and my bedroom wall and I really can’t tell the difference, both images are excellent. This projector is much sharper then expected and has a lot better image then the projector I bought it to replace, which is an Optoma gt720 which I puurchaed almost 2 years ago. I originally thought the Optoma image was great, this one however blows it out of the…

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