The Swing Close Gate consists of 1 x F160W(White) gate and 2 x F159W(White) extensions: Features: Fits openings from 28″ – 32″ without extensions Includes two 3.5″ extensions which will allow gate to fit an opening from 28″ – 39″ Pressure mounted, very easy to set up and take down Gate opens in both directions and swings closed automatically Easy one-handed operation for adults Great for pets too

2 thoughts on “Dream Baby Swing Close Security Gate (with extensions included) – White

  1. macpinballnut says:

    Excellent product Very happy with this purchase. Very sturdy, high-quality construction. Gate closes nicely and tightly with a nice click reminiscent of the way a well designed car door thunks shut. Gate swings open either way, which is nice. Happy with the way the wall is protected with the cups that are provided. No problems after having been up the last few months. Would definitely buy again – we have two of them and are very pleased.

  2. Lisa K. "Preemie Mom" says:

    The perfect gate at the perfect price! When we were looking for a bottom of the stairs gate we had quite a long list of what exactly we needed. This gate had it all!! The bottom of the wall by our stairs has a large molding so we needed a pressure mount gate that did not need the top width and the bottom width to be the same. We needed something strong enough to keep our soon to be 1 year old from going up the stairs but easy enough for our 3 and 5 year old to open by themselves. We also needed something that closed and locked by itself so we wouldn’t have to worry if the older 2 kids remembered to lock the gate behind them. And last, but not least, we needed something affordable.Our banister is wrought iron and fairly thin so we also ended up getting a plank of wood and some zip ties to make the gate more sturdy. We also needed to use both extensions which came with it. It was extremely easy to install and took a matter of minutes.I could not be happier. This gate is everything we asked for and…

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