Ultra Compact Scanner with up to 2400 dpi

3 thoughts on “Canon CanoScan 4507B002 LiDE110 Color Image Scanner

  1. Stoney says:

    A Great Little Scanner SUMMARYWith a few caveats, this is a great little scanner. The best part is that it actually fits in my Targus computer case WITH my laptop. It weighs only 2-3 pds, and runs off USB power—no converter brick to haul around. Scans are sharp and fast. The automatic settings work very well for nearly all typical originals (old photos, business letters, receipts, etc.). Despite some shortcomings, the price and exceptional portability may make this series of scanners the choice for scanning books—because books which need to be scanned are often non-circulating items in libraries or archives.SHORTCOMINGSUnfortunately, the particular design of this scanner (and all other LED-based scanners) is that (unlike most fat desktop scanners) it cannot scan 3D objects. Any portion of your document or image which is not in absolute contact with the glass patten will be very blurry. The raised frame raises the edges of any original which does not fit on the glass patten,…

  2. Gina says:

    Love this scanner! I scrapbook and was transitioning from manual scrapbooking to digital. I had tons of pictures that needed to be scanned into my laptop (thousands). We looked at the small picture scanners that scan hundreds of pictures in an hour or so. Decided against them because even though fast, the quality of the scans were grainy and you had to use sleeves for the pics. They didn’t get good reviews and were double the price of this scanner. This was one of the cheaper full sized scanners we found on Amazon, we decided that the Canon name had to be good for the price. IT IS! It is SO easy to use, nothing complicated at all. The software was easy to load and very user friendly. I discovered I could scan multiple pictures at a time and the software would separate them into their own files so there was no messing around with trying to cut and paste in order to do multiples at one time. It is really light weight and basic. The quality of the scans is fantastic, they looked as good as the…

  3. M. Francis "mfmusic" says:

    Easy to set-up, professional results I recently purchased the Canon CanoScan LiDE 110 as a replacement for an older LiDE 30. This LiDE’s most important features is that it is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 7 64-bit (the older version is not compatible with 64-bit versions of windows) and the fact that it is powered through the USB 2.0 cable, meaning no power supply to carry around or finding a place to plug in, a plus for use with a notebook computer.After following the directions for installation, installing the drivers before plugging the scanner into the computer, everything went flawlessly, and the first time the scanner was plugged in, after rebooting, the hardware was found and driver installed.While this can be used as a stand alone flatbed copier, it can also scan to PDF files right from a button on the front of the scanner, meaning you won’t need to have a full featured PDF creation program to create PDF files. A button can also be configured to send…

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