The CAD Audio DH100 Isolation Headphones were designed with drummers in mind! They are high quality, stereo headphone that allows you to hear music through the headphones, or a click track during recording sessions, while cutting ambient noise by 19dB. They are an essential tool in the studio, live on stage, and a great ally for the practicing musician.

Product Features

  • High output Neodymium drivers
  • Foam cushions for maximum comfort and sound isolation
  • Cut ambient noise levels by 19dB

3 thoughts on “CAD Audio DH100 Drummer Isolation Headphones

  1. just a man says:

    headfone review for CAD DH 100 These headphones are old school CooooooL retro style which is what i like about them. VERY, VERY good external sound isolation, not sound cancelation! You can’t hear shit with these things on which means you have to lift the no-lead side ear cup to converse with anyone. But thats fine. i don’t want to talk much any way while doing music.Very comfortable, especially if you have large ears or sensitive ears that get sore from direct pressure contact against them, like mine. I HATE…

  2. Brian Hill says:

    Good headphones, but still prefer Sennheiser HD-280’s My Sennheiser HD-280 headphones finally blew after 2 years of abuse so I went looking for some replacement headphones for drumming practice. I bought these after reading about all of the other competitors, and my short advice is to stick with the Sennheisers.On the plus side, these headphones stay on your head (better than the Sennheisers, actually), are more comfortable, block out just the right amount of room noise, are almost loud enough (not quite as loud as the Sennheisers),…

  3. Apryl Kisandria Varga says:

    Excellent headphones for noise Cancellation My brother is a drummer. I am not. I write for a living, but in a very Google-esque, incubator type-office. I have been encountering a lot of difficulty concentrating at work due to all the noise around me, so my brother recommended these headphones. I still cannot believe they were under $40. They work so well, even without music playing in the background.Although I’m sure they work excellently for drummers, if you work in a loud office, or other loud environment and are looking…

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